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It depends on what Pokemon u want

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In Pokemon platinum where can you catch a shiny ditto?

to find a ditto go to the route beside canalave and use the pokeradar. to find one shiny look for a different color grass spot.

How do you find a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

finding a shiny Pokemon in platinum is the same as any other game... you just have to look in the grass and if your lucky you can spot one... but the chances are really low... there somewhere along the lines of 8126 to 1... so you have to be really lucky to get one... you can also get one by cheating with an action replay... you can also chain for a shiny but its really hard and takes a long time

How do you find a shiny Pokemon?

you need to keep looking in the same spot for 1 hour _________________________________________________ You find shiny Pokemon on accident. I found my shiny Pokemon while i was surfing, (It was a tentacool lvl 16)

How many wild Pokemon do you have to see before you can find a shiny Pokemon?


Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

That depends on your luck. Shiny Pokemon are the hardest to find, so don't be expectingto get Shiny Pokemon with superior ease. Shiny Pokemon are the percent average on 493/986. Looking for a sort of Shiny Pokemon will give you a percent average of 1/986.Using Rowan's Helper, the line "I've heard that if you use your PokeRadar sometimes in the grass, sparkles appear. I've heard rumors that it's a Different Colored Pokemon!"My friend also said a trick to finding Pokemon - "If you encounter a wild Pokemon, run away from the spot you found it, come back and get into a wild Pokemon battle again, you encounter the wild Pokemon you fought - SHINY."don't know but i do know how to in Pokemon Black and White.

Does anyone have a shiny ralts in Pokemon Vortex they will trade me or can tell me what to offer for one?

This is wiki answers not a Pokemon blog spot. Go to a Pokemon blog spot for 100% improved results.

Where is the best spot to get a Ditto in Pokemon platinum?

If u have the national dex go to the Pokemon manshion and save then keep talking til he mentions a ditto then go out to the garden then one will appear

Where on route 9 in Pokemon white to find shiny Pokemon?

A shiny pokemon cant be found at a specific spot. They have the same rarity everywhere. Its kind of like magikarp in gen 3. Magikarp appears in water but appears everywhere

How do you find treasure underground in pokemon platinum?

You have to go underground and and use the your stylus and touch the screen. if you see shiny dots, then go to the spot where it is and press a. it will say there is a gap and ask you if you want to mine. say yes and dig for your treasure!

How do you do with the punching bags in the 4th gym in Pokemon platinum?

just walk into them and they will slide to the next spot

How do you get buried items in Pokemon platinum?

You have to stand next to the spot with an item in the ground. Turn towards the spot with the item in the ground, and click the A button.

Where is the best fishing spot in Pokemon Diamond?

The best fishing spot on Pokemon diamond is the 3 lakes where u can also find mesprit uxie and azelf

Where do you find the rare bone in platinum?

first you have to beat the Pokemon leg then you to the same spot you after you catch giratina

Where is a magarizer on route 214 in Pokemon platinum?

Its on the upper rock path first item easy to spot

Where to spot an Absol in Pokemon platinum?

You can find wild Absol on the Mt. Coronet summit. It has a 5% encounter rate.

Where is the best spot to train my Pokémon in Pokémon Peral verson?

where there are Pokemon close to the level as your Pokemon

What can you catch with the Super Rod in Pokemon Platinum?

mainly last evolution of fish Pokemon lvs usually depend on where you are. Probaly best spot to use is in the resort area because you can catch magikarps level 1-100 and there easy to level up.

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Black and White?

they randomly come out if ur lukey you will find 1 go on youtube and search it then watch a video until it gives you a code to put in at a certain spot and then do what it tells you to and you will get a Pokemon some are shiny some ain't and you can do it as much as you want to. i got a bunch of shinies this way and i got a free RESHARAM TOO, but it wasnt shiny but hay its a resharam

How can you get shiny Rayquaza in diamond?

theres a cheat code for action replay that u can get from a youtube video of cheat code website i think its titled "dark raquaza" when u use the cheat, it puts the raquaza in the first spot of the box in ur PC so make sure a Pokemon isn't in that spotit will be very rare that that happens. i do not have that game, i have emerald an yellow. all shiny legendarys are amillion times harder to find then normal shiny pokemon.

Where can you catch a shiny Pokemon in white?

there is no spot to catch shinies you just have to get lucky or have to different region (japan and America) have a egg and then it has a higher chance but thats it

What is a shiny leaf in Pokemon HGSS?

Basically a shiny leaf is an item that your Pokemon will pick up in a certain spot determined by its nature. Once you get 5 of these "Shiny Leaves" which you can see on your Pokemon summary card you can go talk to Lyra and she will give you an item called the leaf crown and a star on your trainer card. This does not help you in the game very much so I would not recommend going out of your way like I did to find the shiny leaves. Serebii.net also has some information on Pokemon and it is a great site and I definitely recommend that you go and see it

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