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Yes, IF you open the hood and go to the passanger side and look at the back of the motor, the elements will be sticking out with a cord attached.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-05 19:54:56
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Q: Where is the block heater on the 2003 Pontiac Sunfire?
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How do you change a block heater in a 2003 sonoma?

Begin by training the water from your 2003 engine block. Remove the wiring harness from the block heater. Remove the block heater retaining bolts. The block heater will come out. Reverse the process to install your new block heater.

Does Pontiac 2003 sunfire has a timing belt?

No, it has a cam chain.

How many cylinders in a 2003 Pontiac sunfire 2 dr?


How do you install block heater 2003 ford windstar?

Remove and engine block expansion plug. Insert the block heater. Seal the block heater. Attached the wiring harness to the block heater.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 2003 Pontiac sunfire?

30 to 35 psi

What is the tire size for a 2003 Sunfire?

The 2003 Pontiac Sunfire came from the manufacturer equipped with 225 65R 15 tires. The back and the front tires were the same size.

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How do you replace the fog light on a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire?

screw in a new 56w bulb

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Take it out and put a new one in!

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Is the block heater on a dodge diesel standard equipment?

Since approx 2003 the cord for the block heater has to be purchased separately.

Where is the block heater on a 2003 Camry V6?

There is a cover plate on the front bank of the six that could possibly be the mount for a block heater. I am not aware that Toyota offers a block heater. Maybe.

Where is the block heater located on a 2003 Toyota Rav 4?

The block heater is located near the engine on most cars. This is true also for the 2003 Toyota Rav 4.

Where is the block heater on your 2003 passat V6?

The block heater on a 2003 Passat V6 is located in the vehicle's cooling system. Not all vehicles are equipped with this aftermarket engine heating system.

Back seat release 2003 Pontiac Sunfire?

There's a black cord inside the trunk on the top left.

Where is the block heater installed on a 2003 Hyundai accent?

What is the gap for 2003 2.2 liter Sunfire spark plugs?

The spark plug gap for the 2003 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 liter 4-cylinder is .043 (in thousandths). The '03 Sunfire gets up to 25 miles per gallon in the city and 33 mph on the highway.Ê

Where is the block heater in a 2003 Subaru impreza outback?

2002/2003 subaru outback does not have one!!!!!!!!

Where is the block heater cord on a 2003 volkswagen golf?

under mortor

Does a 2003 power stroke diesel 7.3 have a block heater?

Calix have

2003 Honda Civic block heater?

block heater is on the rear left side of the engine,just beside the il filter the model is a screw in type

Why won't your defrost work on a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire?

check the fuseor the plugin at the rear window or mabey a broken wire