Where is the blower fan motor resistor on a 1992 Olds 88 Royale?

I am thinking you have a speed problem with your fan? There are no resistors. and my 89 olds has a transistorized speed controller board on the firewall close to the fan. It gets voltage input from inside the car to make it speed up or down. If the input is high from your dash switch the output to the fan will be high - full 12 volts. A voltmeter is required to check this after you find the control board on the firewall. if fan runs non stop on high remove 2 nuts holding entire fuse & relay assm. on rt side firewall.pull this unit forward & you see 2 wire connectors underneath attached to relay.a tight plastic pin on each side is pulled out forward & then connectors can be pulled up.undo the 3 larger hex screws & relay will lift out.undoing 2 smaller hex screws first will allow relay to fall into heater box.this is a bad thing