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the line is connected to the carburettor if you have one or to the intake manifold after the throttle valve. The purpose is to connect intake vacuum to the booster.

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Q: Where is the brake booster vacuum line connected to?
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Do you need a vacuum line to brake booster on a non disc brake car?

If you have a booster you need a vacuum line to perform effectively, disc or drum.

Is there a fuse for the power brake booster on a 1994 Taurus?

No, the brake booster operates off of vacuum not electricity. If the booster isn't working then check the vacuum line going from the intake manifold to the booster. If the line is ok and not leaking then you need to replace the booster.

Is there a check valve on the vacuum line to power brake booster on a Ford Freestar?

Yes, it is typically in the fitting on the booster where the vacuum line is attached.

Why is my brake pedal too firm?

If you have power brakes it may be the vacuum booster. The booster may be going bad, the check valve in the vacuum line or a cracked vacuum line.

Where does transmission vacuum line connect?

The Vacuum line usually connects to the brake booster , or atleast it does in my Ford explorer

Where can you find the 'brake booster line' on a 1996 GMC Sierra?

The Brake Booster is mounted on the firewall and the master cylinder is mounted on the booster. Look at the booster and you will see a very large vacuum line coming from the booster.

Does the master Cylinder on a 1999 s-10 have a vacuum line going to it?

No, the power brake booster has the vacuum line going to it.

When you press the brake in your car you hear air and sometimes when you press the brake your car dies?

Sounds like your power brake booster diaphragm is busted or there is a leak in the vacuum line going to the brake booster.

Does your 91 new yorker have a vacuum on the master cylinder?

The brake booster will have a vacuum line going to it on a non abs system.

2000 grand am i have a noise that sounds like a vacuum line off the noise comes in the dash behind the steering wheel when you step on the brake it cuts the noise alittle thanks?

You may have a brake booster that is leaking. The diaphragm may be busted. You will need to remove the brake booster vacuum hose and do a vacuum bleed down test. If the booster will not hold vacuum it needs replacing.

How do you change the brake booster on a 1997 ford f-250?

Remove master cylinder-hopefully there is enough room not to have to disconnect brake lines Remove Brake pedal linkage at brake pedal Remove vacuum line Unbolt and twist vacuum booster to remove

Where is the brake booster line located on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero?

Drivers side, mounted on the firewall, behind the master cylinder. Coming from that booster is a large vacuum line.

Where is the vacuum line located in the 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer?

look on the brake booster located on the drivers side of the firewall. the vacuum line should run to it

Were does the brake booster vacuum line go on the top or the bottom of the booster on a 1966 mustang six cylinder 200 engine?

my 67 was on top

How does the brake vacuum system work on a 1963 Chevy Impala If I push on the brake pedal I hear a hissing sound inside and the car stalls out?

If you have a power brake booster then there will be a vaccum line that runs to the brake booster on the firewall from the carburator. Check the booster for holes and broken fittings or buy a new booster. if no brake booster then brakes shouldn't affect vaccum

Where do the vacuum lines of the brake booster goon a 1994?

Normally the vacuum line from a brake booster goes to the intake manifold of a gasoline engine. Sometimes other lines will be tied in to feed vacuum to cruise control pots or 4x4 actuators, but the main hose will be larger.

How does a brake booster go bad?

on a vacuum type booster there is usually a vacuum leak. either on the rubber line that runs from the booster to the engine, or a hole in the diaphragm inside the booster. the rubber line is easy and inexpensive to replace so i would check it first. if you have a hole in the diaphragm the only way to fix it is to replace the booster.

You have changed your brake booster on your 95 Chevy truck and now your brakes wont work nor will it go into gear whats wrong?

It sounds like a vacuum problem. Either you got a bad brake booster or the vacuum line came loose somewhere or cracked when you changed the booster.

I have a 97 Nissan Pathfinder and your brake peddles hard to push and when its down theres a constant air flow you can hear?

Your vacuum booster is leaking or possibly the line to the booster. You will probably need a new vacuum booster/master cylinder assembly.

Why would your Wrangler seem to have low brake pressure?

Check the brake booster vacuum line, if it is good then it may be the booster itself. Of course check the obvious first, fluid level, brake bleeding, pad and shoe wear.

What causes an engine to cut off when you press the brake?

Usually a vacuum leak, check your power brake booster hose first, then any other vacuum line for cracks, breaks, or disconnection.

How do you remove the brake booster vacuum line of a 1999 Cougar 6-cylinder 2.5L?

Just pull it off

How to Test brake booster?

Apply vacuum test to the booster. If it does not hold vacuum it is defective. You can borrow a vacuum gage at most auto parts stores. You could go lazy man's style and just take the vacuum line off of booster. If the brakes are as hard as concrete, then put it back on and the pedal is smooth, you got yourself a decent working unit.

What would cause your truck to stall when you press the brakes you have changed all the plugs and wires and dis cap and rotor and still it stalls when you press the brake?

I would suspect a leaking brake booster. When you apply the brakes, the extra vacuum needed, causes the engine to stall. Check the brake booster vacuum line and the booster itself. You also might want to replace all vacuum lines if the car is over 10 years old.

Why is your firebird making a hissing noise?

Well there are lots of possible reasons, BUT Li key it is a vacuum leak, either the hose of Brake booster, and or intake is / has a leaking vacuum line.