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under hood Drivers side on firewall Black cap on white reservoir

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2006-03-23 08:51:56
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Q: Where is the brake fluid reservoir on a 1988 Lincoln town car?
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Where is the clutch fluid reservoir for 1988 325i?

The clutch fluid is located in the same reservoir as the brake fluid. As a dot 4 brake fluid, used for the breaks and the clutch.

Where is the brake fluid reservoir on a 1988 jeep Cherokee 1988?

Driver side of firewall.

How do you add clutch fluid to a 1988 Nissan Pulsar?

Look near the brake master cylinder for a reservoir or your brake fluid and clutch fluid might share the same reservoir

Where do you put the brake fluid at on a 1988 Lincoln Town Car?

In the brake fluid reservoir on the driver side near the firewall. The brakes master cylinder (a round shape component) is against the firewall, and then comes out from it there is a boxy module that has brake fluid. It has a screw-on cap to hold the fluid tight in there. Two small metal pipes come out of this boxy module. That module is where you put the brake fluid (DOT 3) in.

Where do you add Brake fluid to a 1988 Honda Accord?

At the master cylinder brake fluid reservoir located driver's side next to the firewall on top of the master cylinder. Use DOT 3 fluid.

What Brake Fluid for 1988 Mazda B2200?

DOT 3 brake fluid

How do you add power steering fluid on a 1988 Chevy Astro?

You can add power steering fluid to your 1988 Chevy Astro by removing the top to the power steering fluid reservoir. Pour the fluid directly into the reservoir.

Where can you find the power steering fluid reservoir of 1988 BMW 735i?

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Where is the reservoir for the clutch fluid on a 1988 Honda Accord?

the clutch is setup to a mechanical clutch cable line. there is no reservoir.

Does a 1988 mustang have brake fluid?

It certainly ought to.

Where to you put the manual transmission fluid on a 1988 BMW 325I and what kind do I use I heard brake fluid and clutch brake fluid. I am confused.?

I had the same question. The transmission fluid actually goes in the power steering reservoir. Kind of strange, but true. For the type of fluid you want to use, check your bell housing. There should be a sticker on it that says what to use.

Where to add clutch fluid in 1988 F 250?

The fluid for the clutch comes from the brake fluid. After the brake master cylinder, there is a clutch master cylinder which takes fluid from the brakes. Fill up the Brake master cylinder.

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