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Where is the brake light switch at on a 1996 galant?


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I think this switch which is adjustable is located above the brake pedal on a braket with a locknut. May be the bump rubber on the pedal lever is broken.


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Look under the dash on the 1996 suburban, and locate the brake light switch on the brake pedal arm. Remove the switch nut, and slide the switch out. Unplug the wires from the switch and install the new switch.

The 1996 GMC Yukon brake lights work by receiving power from the brake light relay switch. The brake light relay switch is connected to the brake pedal.

The engine computer through the brake light switch.The engine computer through the brake light switch.

where is the brake light switch for 1996 Oldsmobile cutlas supreme

check the wires at brake light switch on brake pedal they are bad about breaking brake light switch

The break light switch is located on the backside of the break peddle arm.

It is underneath the Brake Pedal.It's mounted to and right above the brake pedal.

Above the brake pedal where the master cylinder is attached to the brake pedal assembly.

Check brake light switch - could be defective or not aligned properly

First check the brake light fuse, if good, then test the brake light switch.

The brake light switch is located on the brake pedal bracket. You'll need to remove the trim panel beneath the steering column to get to the switch and the connector.

There are several relay switch is on your 1996 GMC Jimmy. The brake light relay switch can be found below the dashboard in the engine compartment.

It's on the brake pedal just above the viewable area.

try the switch on the brake pedal maybe try the switch on the brake pedal maybe

May be at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

check your brake lights if they not worhing replace fuse or brake light switch

on the brake pedal under the dash there will be a king pin pull it out and remove the stud and the switch should come right out then dosconnect the wireing harness and replace switch

I would check the brake light switch first. It's a common problem. The switch is located down on the brake pedal and is easy to change. Use a 12 volt test light to check for power at the switch. You've changed the bulbs or checked for voltage at the brake light sockets first?

If the shifter will not come out of park, check the brake light fuse. The shifter release solenoid uses the brake light switch to unlock the shifter.

It' likely, if bulbs are OK that the turn signal switch is burned out. If the switch fails, it won't allow the brake light signal through to the brake light wiring. Go to: for the 4 page analysis. See: "(American Car) Both Lower Brake Lights Not Working" To determine if the switch is bad test the incoming and outgoing current. If brake light switch power is present at the turn signal switch but not at any outgoing brake light wires, the turn signal switch has probably failed. This is a Buick design issue because keeping your foot on the brake or if the brake switch sticks keeping the brake lights on, the circuit will fail due to amperage overload.

Check to see if you have knocked the brake light switch off of its mount. It is located above the brake pedal.

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