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Where is the cinema on stardoll?

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Answered 2009-04-29 19:19:32

go on the stardoll magazine and scroll down and it should say 'stardoll cinema'

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Where is the stardoll cinema?

log into stardoll, click magazine on the bar at the top of the page then click stardoll cinema on the 2nd part of the bar

How can you get free stardoll clothes?

you can get free stardoll clothes when there are special offers in the starplaza, and if you watch certain videos in the stardoll cinema or are from a certain country.

What is the golden envelope on stardoll?

its an invitation for you to open saying you are invted to the stardoll cinema to watch princess protection program

How do you get Dexter on stardoll?

I think you just have to join a club AskPaulinaGirls, and you´ll get it! Or you might have to watch some video in the Stardoll cinema.

How do you get stuff from movies on stardoll?

What you do is go to the stardoll magazine and on the side it says cinema click on that then watch the movie and go back to your suite and it should be there in the big room

How do you get to whip it on stardoll?

Go On Cinema An Then Wach The Video Or You Can Visit The Magazine And There Is A Link On The 4th Page. Enjoy :)

How do you get the Barbie dress in stardoll?

Youuuu` got it for free when you watched the Barbie's 50th aniversary thingy in the cinema. Olivia3rachel

Where is the cinema in stardoll?

Go to Magazine (used to be called The Show). Next to any page you are in in The magazine, at the Sid you see a pane of other things in the magazine (i.e Ask Paulina), the second last thing is the Cinema.

How do you get a PSP on stardoll?

The psp is no longer available. But check sites like goproxing.com and write the URL stardoll.com/cinema. Log off your normal stradoll log on the stardoll on goproxing. Wait 30 seconds log off. Log on your normal stardoll, go to your suite and you should have a gift. Some movies don't have any gifts.

Get a dress on stardoll and i mean free dress?

To get a free: America's Next Top Model dress, follow the instructions below:1. Go to: www.goproxy.com2. In the URL bar type in:www.stardoll.com/en/cinema3. The cinema will come up, (u don't have to watch the video, just wait 10-20 seconds)4. Log out + go to the real stardoll.5. Go to your suite and there will be an America's Next Top Model bag by your wardrobe and in it will be a free dress!Hope I helped!( I am SarahRoseRyan on Stardoll)

What is the stardoll e?

its a stardoll you can make it on stardoll ,com from england

How do you get 1000 stardollars on stardoll for free?

how do you get 1000 stardoll stardoll for free

Where is there a shop with stardoll in?

click on to brands at the top and click the stardoll or stardoll archieve

What happens if you cheat on stardoll?

your can't cheat on stardoll add me on stardoll superjosh1234

How do you get message from other websites on stardoll?

Umm.... you don't- stardoll is only connected WITH stardoll- it's not like an Email. you get messages from stardoll friends and stardoll admin- that's it. -Kiki7324

How do you get to living on stardoll?

Well if you are from the United States go to the cinema and look at the video. The whole thing like;) Then living stuff will appear. If you are say...Irish, you have to get proxy. To get proxy just google the stardoll insiders and search proxy. That's all I guess! Happy Easter everyone! Hope this helps! ;D

Who is the bestist on stardoll?

There is no "bestist" on stardoll.

Does Britney Spears have a Stardoll?

No I don't have a stardoll but my sister Jamie has. Her stardoll username is Pepperrox17.

What is Alesha Dixon's stardoll user name?

Her stardoll username is RC_Alesha From Stardoll staff

Who was the first miss stardoll world on stardoll?

the first miss stardoll world was Perlice2.

Does zendaya play stardoll?

no no no ok zendaya does not play stardoll zendaya does not have a stardoll ok

Who is the richest girl on stardoll?

rihon is the richest girl on stardoll her mother ownes stardoll

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