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Where is the conector for the diagnostic tool for the service engine soon light on a 96 Saturn?


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Most connectors are located under the drivers side dash. Most are connected to the bottom side of dash.


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mean get a diagnostic test on it you can get a fre test at either advanced auto or auto zone

what is the engine diagnostic trouble code # 32

The computer has a diagnostic code that you need to look at. Rent, borrow or purchase a code scanner and see what's wrong.

Hi, I have that same problem right now, but I took it in for a diagnostic and they told me i needed a new EGR valve, maybe that could be your problem too!

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Connect an engine diagnostic scanner to find out what is wrong.

Run a diagnostic test to find out why the computer turned on the MIL (malfunction indicator light), repair whatever is wrong and the light should go off.

Most any code reader that plugs into diagnostic port can reset

It means that the engine computer has detected an emissions related failure.

Your service engine light can be on because your gas cap isn't on properly or because you are having issues with your engine. You can get a free diagnostic at your local Auto Zone.

You can disconect the battery for a minute then reconect or theres a diagnostic conector near the right front of the car. you need to get a manual or check on line for how to read codes and reset

you should have your engine checked out to make sure everything is working well

The orange engine light means that your Saturn LS300 has a sensor that is signaling for a service. This could be an oxygen sensor, an oil sensor, or even a tire sensor.

See a Service manual or visit , or

A service engine soon light on a Nissan Pathfinder can mean many things. There could be a bad spark plug or even an engine malfunction. A mechanic can run a diagnostic check to see what the problem is.

I can, and so can anyone else who has a relatively new engine diagnostic code scanner. However, if the problem is not resolved, the light will return as soon as you start the engine

The service engine light can come on for many different reasons if you take it to a dealer/mechanic they can pull a code to let you know what part of the system is failing it could be something simple or something major there is a way to jump a wire but I am not sure which ones to cross in the diagnostic connector. Hope that helps

You can get a diagnostic scanner to get your check engine light to turn off. It is best to take your car into a service center because the light is on because there is a problem with your car.รŠ

You can only reset it with an OBDII diagnostic scaner

A service engine light can come on for many reasons. Someone can take the vehicle to the dealership or auto parts store to have them read the code and let them know what the issue is.

Typically when the engine misfires it will feel like jerking. Find out why the engine is misfiring; run a computer diagnostic test and the computer should reveal the answer.

engine diagram for a 1993 saturn

The check engine light on a Buick Regal can be reset with a special diagnostic scanner. This can be performed at a car dealership or service garage.

There are two diagnostic connection ports, there is a diagnostic connection port below the dashboard on the drivers side. A second diagnostic port can be found in the engine compartment on the firewall.

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