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The temperature sensor is located in the thermostat housing which is on the drivers side of engine, behind the throttle body near the top of the engine

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Q: Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 97 Chev Lumina?
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Where is the coolant temp sensor located on a 90 Chev Cavalier w22 engine automatic?

look for a plug on a coolant pipe that has 1 black and 1 yellow wire that will be the coolant temp. sensor

91 chev blazer 4.3 poor run cold sputter?

Try replacing coolant temp sensor.

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you would have to look up your specific model on a website like autozone. on my 97 lumina, the sensor is 18.99. where it will cost you, unless you replace it yourself, is labor at the shop. ive had mine estimated at 150$ I was just quoted $200 for a crankshaft sensor replacement in a 1998 Chev Lumina.

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you should check the crank sensor and ignition modual

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You will have to call a parts store for the price. I have a Chev car and it was $18 and I have a Chev truck and the sensor was $ 100.

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Very Carefully

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