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Where is the cooling system draining plug on a Dodge Stratus ES 2002?


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2008-07-02 21:58:28
2008-07-02 21:58:28

OK, First off, lift the hood and set it up on the rod to hold it. Right in front if you look straight down by the hood latch you will see a couple of screws. Unscrew those. You will have to remove the front bumper completely, so unscrew any bolts holding it in place. I think theres about 4. The bumper is made of plastic so don't let it intimidate you. Now you will have to go around to the tire and disconnect the plastic fenders. With you facing the car, once you have completely taken off the front bumper and the inside fenders, look under the radiator and you will see the drain plug off to the right. After servicing, reverse the procedure and put everything back in order,thightning the bolts,etc.


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