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Where is the crank position sensor on a 1988 Cavalier?


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2008-07-01 22:52:27
2008-07-01 22:52:27

check on the back of the motor above the transmission


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I think you mean CAMSHAFT position sensor.

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V6 crank position sensorThe crank position sensor is part of the distributor on a V6 All Fieros equipped with a distributor (1984 - 1986 4-cyl and 1985 to 1988 V6) have the crank sensor inside the distributor. It may also be known as a distributor pickup or HEI pickup.Fieros with DIS (1987 to 1988 4 cylinder) have a crank sensor on the back side (engine side) of the ignition module extending into the engine block. The ignition module is the flat base that the ignition coils are attached to.

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Probably a crank sensor

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crank position sensor is between oil filter and starter, follow wire from module

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The part your inquiring about is not on your year model or engine.Unless I missed something it was offered only on the rx7 and 3.0 liter engines for 1988.Easy.

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