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The crank sensor is located on the bell housing of the transmission on passenger side. You will need an Allen wrench.

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Q: Where is the crank sensor located on a 1996 Dodge Ram van 3.9 b2500 and how do you install a new one?
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Where is the oxygen sensor on a Mazda b2500?

The oxygen sensor on a b2500 Mazda is located in the exhaust. It is under the truck about even with the transmission.

Where is the speed sensor located on the 1999 Mazda B2500?

The speed sensor is located on the rear axle housing.

Where is the speed sensor that controls speedometer located on the 1999 Mazda B2500?

on the tranny

Computer codes dodge b2500 van po73?

P0073 is Ambient air temp sensor high. Likely cause is the sensor itself.

Where is the camshaft positioning sensor located on a Mazda b2500?

still waiting on a answer , is it the same as a 2.3?

Why will dodge van not fire?

ecm just replaced mine 1994 dodge van b2500

Location of speed sensor for 2000 Mazda b2500?

On top of the differential.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on 1997 Dodge Ram B2500?

On the pump inside the tank.On the pump inside the tank.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a Mazda B2500?

Hello! The crankshaft position sensor is located behind the crankshaft pulley,on the left side facing the front of the car.It is difficult to see and to remove it you need to remove the crankshaft pulley ( radiator,belts,.... )

How do you repair the odometer in a Mazda B2500?

If your odometer/speedometer stopped working, then you must replace the "vehicle speed sensor" located on top of the differential if your have a manual transmission.

How do you fix the egr valve on 1997 dodge b2500 van?

A 1997 Dodge Ram doesn't have a EGR valve.

Where is the door ajar sensor on a 1999 Mazda B2500?

Inside the door under the latch.

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