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Where is the cruise control speed sensor located on 1989 Grand Marquis?

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depending on the year of the car it could be as simple as a leaking vacuum line or in newer models a bad sensor located on the motor that controls the cruise control

A malfunction in the range sensor could cause the cruise to be inoperative.A malfunction in the range sensor could cause the cruise to be inoperative.

on the 1998 the camshaft sensor is in the distributor ,you have to change have to change the whole distributor..the sensor is integrated. the crankshaft sensor is located on the block under the cruise control actuator

check fuses then refer to the speed control sensor which is on the throttle body closest to the air intake hose that controls the engine idle and speed control. Good luck.

Yes it could, if it is setting codes it will affect the cruise.

If it has one, it will be located in the tail stock on the left side of the transmission. If your speedo is broken, usually it is the cable that has failed. And, if it has cruise control, the section from the cruise control to the dash would be bad.

If the cruise control will not engage, there might be a problem with the Electronic Fuel Injector or the MAP Sensor. There might also be a problem with the Oxygen Sensor. Some autos have more than one oxygen sensor.

If the Ford Galaxy cruise control is not working properly, check the speed sensor on the transmission. It is located just behind the bell housing. There is also a fuse that can be checked in the fuse box on top of the battery.

84 does not use a cam sensor. it does however use acrankshaft position sensor located in the lower front section of the engine assembly.

I am installing a cruise control on a 1997 FORD ESCORT,and need to know where the Black and white wire and the Blue wire are located to the vechicle speed sensor?

The speed sensor for the speedometor and cruise control should be on the back of the transmission. There is another speed sensor on the top of the differential to indicate one wheel spinning and the other wheel rotating slower. There is another speed sensor on the front and back wheels to control ABS. Which sensor are you looking for??? Joedi

It may be located in the airbag sensor control unit.

Idle air control valve sensor is located around the carburetor .

check to see if your spoiler brake light is out replace it and it usually will finish the ground to the abs sensor and cruise control

depending on engine size it could be in 4 different places. 2.5 liter is behind cruise control actuator.

A Chevrolet Silverado that has cruise control problems might be having a problem with the part of the engine that controls speed and fuel intake. One culprit for this problem is the Speed Control Sensor that is located in the transmission. This part can be easily changed because it is more or less a probe that fits into the rear of the transmission.

The speed sensor tells how fast the wheels are turning. The cruise control uses this to maintain the speed. When you get the code for speed sensor it is not working properly.

The 2001 Pontiac sun fire speed control sensor is located on the front passenger wheel. The sensor can be found on the inside of the rotor.

Blown fuseA short in the cruise control circuit,Faulty brake or clutch switch,Leaking vacuum circuit,Faulty cruise switch,faulty stepper motor,faulty transducer,faulty speed sensor,faulty cruise control module.That help a little?

Check the pressure sensor on the master cylinder - very common.

Answer , location of temperature sensorI just changed the Temperature sensor on my Pontiac and it was located on the engine block right underneath the throttle control.

If the cruise control is not working on a 1993 Villager GS with 199,000 miles, the problem could be the MAP sensor. It could also be an oxygen sensor that is bad. There is also a possibility that the unit's main fuse is blown.

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