Where is the dimmer dial wheel on a Ford Focus?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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In the steering column.

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Q: Where is the dimmer dial wheel on a Ford Focus?
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What causes the dash lights to go out?

Turn the switch back on. Make sure your dimmer dial (wheel) is not adjusted down to the point that the dash lighting is nonexistent.

How do you get 1998 Ford Expedition out of 4 wheel drive if dial is not working?

There should be a dial next to the temperature controls that say... 2wd/awd/4l/4h

Why do I not have running or dash lights on my 2002 Durango.?

If I understand you correctly, the dimmer dial near the headlight switch is turned down; simply turn the dimmer dial until it clicks and the lights should turn on.

Where is the dimmer switch on a 1993 BMW 325is?

The 1993 BMW 325 dimmer switch is located on the lower left-hand side of the dashboard. The dimmer switch is a dial switch.

On my 2004 Pontiac Vibe why do my dash lights go off when my auto head lights come on?

Check the dimmer setting for the dash lights. There should be a dial to adjust the brightness on the dash to the left of the steering wheel.

Does 1997 ford expedition have rear wheel or all wheel drive?

A 1997 Ford Expedition is either rear wheel drive or it has the Control Trac 4x4 system ( the rotary selector dial is located to the left and below the radio, it has 4 positions , 2H / A4WD / 4H / 4L )

Are 2001 v8 Ford Expedition 2 wheel drive or 4?

In a 2001 Ford Expedition : ( both rear wheel drive and 4x4 versions were available ) * if it has the 4x4 Control Trac system the rotary selector dial is to the left and below the radio . It has A4WD , 4H , and 4L positions

How can fly wheel runout can be checked?

With a dial indicator.

Where is the on and off button for my 4 wheel drive in 1997 Ford Explorer?

On the 4x4 equipped , 6 cylinder , 1997 Ford Explorer , it is a dial type switch located in the center stack of the dash just to the left of the radio

Dashboard lights goes out on a 92 Chrysler new yorker fifth ave whats the problem?

check the dimmer dial or the fuse

What is the name for a wheel on a old phone?

It was called a "rotary dial".

Why wouldn't the four wheel drive engage on your 1998 Ford F-150?

is it the turn dial 4x4 selector or the manual selector?if its the dial it could be a bad motor that engages the hubs. It could be the vacuum switches in the engine compartment on the passenger side, with ours it was the one that kept it in 2 wheel drive that was gone, vented vacuum so 4x4 would not pull in.