Where is the dome light switch on a Grand Am?

In a 1996 Grand Am, the dome light is turned on by using the roller on the left side of the steering wheel that controls the dash lights. Turn the roller all the way to the right.

---- 1999 - 2005 Models (SE & GT): # Use slider switch located on the dome light. It should have "off", "auto", and "on" positions. Do not leave in "on" position though, as there is no auto-shutoff for for the "on" position and it will drain your battery.

# Turn on all interior lights by maximizing dash dimmer setting. It is located left of the steering wheel and adjacent to the (optional?) fog light switch. There should be one click at max brightness which will turn on all interior lights. # Alternately, there are two convenience/map lights located on the bottom of the center mirror which may be useful.