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Where is the engine serial number of Toyota SUV diesel engine locate?


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I found mine on an older Toyota diesel 4 cylinder at the top of the block right before it mates with the head. It's right under the exhaust manifold. Not sure how easy it is to see with it on though.

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Cylinder number 2 on a Toyota V6 engine is located on the front, driver's side of the engine. The right side of the engine contains all the even number cylinders.

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Here's a PDF file that should answer your question in detail.

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if it is a 1.7 diesel the engine code will be pn17 u can find it on a flat area on the side of motor by the gearbox

Engine no. is on the side of the block in front of the starter

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In roughly the same position as the Corolla. For location on Corolla refer to the Camry PDF file. Difficult to see as it is concealed by several hoses, you will have to use a torch-light.


The engine number on a Fiat Uno Fire engine should be on a metal plate along the bottom side of the chassis. If the number is not there, contact a Fiat dealer to help locate the proper engine number for your vehicle.

Its located right in front of the engine block

The engine number for the Toyota Highlander is on the rear of the engine. There is a small plate screwed into the engine block just below the oil filler cap. This is probably not going to be accessible unless the hood is removed from the vehicle first.

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Driver's side, rear of engine on the block where the head meets the block.

It is stamped into the chassis where the drivers side inside the engine bay.

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