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usually, fan sensor is on block water outlet. that's where the hose leaves the block and goes back into the raidiator. you 'll find two sensors at that point. more than likely tho, if your fans not owrking its the fan relay that's bad, I'll bet on it.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:42:33
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Q: Where is the fan sensor on a 1998 Cavalier?
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Where is the IAT sensor for 1998 cavalier?

On a 1998 Cavalier, the IAT sensor is located in the hose connecting the air cleaner to the throttle body. The IAT is a two-wire sensor.

Where is a 2000 Chevy cavalier cooling fan sensor?

The coolant fan sensor is the same as the sensor that shows the coolant temperature on the dash gauge. It is located on the intake manifold.

Where is the crank shaft sensor on a 1998 cavalier?

Its on the backside of the engine, on the firewall side

Where is the cooling Fan temperature sensor on a crown vic?

coolant fan temp sensor 1998 crown victoria

Where is the 1998 Chevy Cavalier heater fan located?

The heater fan is located under the dash on the passenger side

Where is the coolant fan sensor located on a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu LS?

were is the cooling fan sensor located on a Chevy malabu 2002 3.1L

Engine is running hot in my 1998 Chevy cavalier?

Did u check your enigine cooling fan?

Where is the map sensor located on a 2000 cavalier?

where is map sensor on a 1999 cavalier

Where is the oil level sensor in a 1998 Chevy cavalier?


Where is camshaft sensor on a z24 1998 cavalier?

Top middle of intake cam tower. Right there in front.

1996 cavalier check engine light is on with the radiator fan running but radiator is cold any answers for this?

Check the fan relay for the 1996 Cavalier. Also, check the coolant sensor, one of these is most likely bad.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier 2.4?

The upstream O2 sensor is mounted in the ehxaust manifold The downstream O2 sensor is mounted in the exhaust pipe after the catalytic converter

1998 Ford Thunderbird where is the temp sensor?

I have a 1998 Ford Thunderbird that is overheating only during intown driving. In testing, I noticed that the fan is not kicking in when the temp is running hot. Where do I find the temp sensor and the fan relay?

Why would the engine fan continue to run when the engine is running cool on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier 2.2?

There is a sensor on most modern cars which turns on the fan when the coolant temperature reaches a certain value. If this sensor is bad, the fan may run continously.

Where is the blower fan resistor located on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?

If you drop the glove box door you can usually see it.

How do you unplug an oxygen sensor on a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?

How do you unplug an oxygen sensor on a 2003 Chevy Cavalier

How do you change the thermostat sensor on a 2001 Chevy cavalier?

how do you change a thermostat sensor in a 2001 Chevy cavalier and where is it

Where is the coolant temp sensor located on a 1998 Chevy cavalier?

The coolant temp sensor screws into the thermostat housing. This is located where the top radiator hose connects to the engine.

Where is the IAT sensor on a 1998 Cavalier?

Between the air filter and the throttle body. IAT is short for Intake Air Temp.

Where is the cooling fan sensor located on a 1996 cavalier?

They don't have one. The CTS is located on the thermostate housing.They don't go bad.

Does a 98 cavalier have a governor?

Yes 108 mph. VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) acts as the governor. You should not be going faster than 108 in a 1998 cavalier anyways though.

Where is the 1991 cavalier map sensor?

The map sensor on a 1991 cavalier is on the passenger side firewall towards the top.

Replace your starter 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?

replace the starter on a 1998 Chevrolet cavalier

Where is the radiator cooling fan sensor on a 1998 cadillac deville concour?

near the thermostat housing

What is the price for a engine fan temp sensor for 1998 Plymouth grand voyager?

$50.00 to $70.00