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Where is the filter for a 1997 Dodge Intrepid air conditioner?


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It does not have a cabin air filter if that is what you are looking for.


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No, a 1997 Dodge does not have a cabin filter.

To remove the fuel filter on your 1997 Dodge Intrepid 3.5L, you will first need to locate it. The filter can be located on the right rear of the vehicle near the fuel line. Before removing the filter, depressurize your vehicle by following the steps in your manual. Once depressurized, you can then remove the filter using a wrench.

right behind pass. side tire can,t miss it

A 1997 Dodge Intrepid has two engine mounts and one transmission mount.

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Next to the oil filter on the drivers front of the engine.

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yup i have a set off a 2000 on my 97 they fit perfect

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The curb weight of the Dodge Intrepid in 3,318 pounds of 1,505 kilograms. It was produced for model years 1993 until 1997.

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4.9 qts. ------------- For a fluid and filter change 9.9 qts. ------------- If Transmission and Torque Converter are dry.

There is no air conditioner filter in a Z3.

The plug gap for the 97 intrepid 3.5 is .035.

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If same size engine, yes.If same size engine, yes.

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You cannot bypass the governors on these cars.

It is on the clear colored plastic coolant reservoir

Driver side of the engine, under the exhaust manifold.

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