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On my 89 4Runner it is under the kick panel on the driver's side.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-20 16:45:38
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Q: Where is the flasher relay on a 89 Toyota pickup?
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Where is the headlight relay located in an 89 Toyota pickup?

The headlight relay on a 1989 Toyota pickup is located on the right side of the engine compartment. There is a fuse box on the right-hand side fender wall. The headlight relay is in this fuse box.

What is the location of the fuel injector relay on an 89 Toyota pickup?

i'd look under the hood first

How do you replace front ring and pinion on a 89 Toyota pickup 4x4?

how do you change front ring and pinion on 89 Toyota pickup

Is 89 Camaro fuel pump relay wired same as 89 pickup fuel pump relay?

They are probably the same relay. Compare the relay part numbers.

Where is the fuel pump fuse on a 89 TOYOTA pickup?

on the passanger side below the golve box. you have to take off teh side panel to get to the relay

Are 89 Toyota pickup parts and engine compatible with a 91?

the majority are

Where is the ac recharge valve on 89 Toyota pickup?

On the top of the ac compressor.

92 Toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location?

89 toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location

What kind of oil does an 89 Toyota pickup 4x4 need?

10w-30 mang

Weight for a 1989 Toyota pick up?

The 1989 Toyota pickup had a curb weight that ranged from 2,565 pounds to 3,765 pounds. The '89 Toyota pickup was selected as Motor Trend's 'Truck of the Year.'

Flasher relay location 89 Honda accord?

Should be in fuse box under the hood, if you're looking for the small silver cylinder relay.

What are the Engine options for 1989 Toyota SR5 pickup?

the 89 toys had the 22r 22re and 3.0 v6

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