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The fuel pump relay is under the back hatch; on the right; there is a small plastic door; the switch is in there.

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Q: Where is the fuel Pump Relay on a 91 Ford Escort LX 1.9?
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Where is the fuel pump relay on 2000 ford escort?

The fuel pump relay on a 2000 Ford Escort is located under the hood in the engine compartment. It is in the fuse box.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1997 ford escort lx?

Under the hood near your battery.

Where is the fuel pump on 97 ford escort?

On a 1997 Ford Escort : The ELECTRIC fuel pump is INSIDE the fuel tank

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1994 Ford Escort?

On your 1994 Ford Escort (1.9L EFI SOHC), the Relay - Fuel Pump is located: Seating area, center, behind dash, where console meets dash, mounted on center support brackets from

Where is the location of fuel pump relay 2001 ford puma?

Where is the fuel pump relay on a ford puma

How do you change a fuel pump on a 2001 escort ZX2?

How do you change a fuel pump on a Ford escort ZX2

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1989 Ford Escort?

The fuel pump on my 1989 Escort is in the gas tank.

1990 Ford Escort LX Fuel pump location and what would cause it to have power after key is turned off?

fuel pump is in fuel tank.if pump runs with key off replace fuel pump relay

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 2002 ford escort zx2?

On a 2002 Ford Escort zx2 the fuel pump relay is located under the hood, in the fuse box. If there is no diagram under the lid, the owners manual should have a picture. However if you do not have one of those it will be the tall, almost perfect square that says FORD on it.

Why is there No power fuel pump 94 escort?

check the fuse and change the fuel pump relay.

Fuel pump relay location on 1993 Ford Escort LX?

You can find your fuel pump relay behind your center console, passenger side. You may have to remove the tray to gain full access

Where is the fuel pump relay on 97 ford escort wagon lx?

In the trunk there is a side panel with the fuel pump switch reset button. In my wagon it was on the right side.

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