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My old lady got one of these cars, and the fuel door release is sticking the key in the door and turning the key to unlock 2x. That opens all doors, including the fuel door. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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When was the Passat Wagon first introduced?

The original Passat Wagon was first introduced in 1973. The body types offered were two and four door sedans and similar looking three and five door versions.

Where is the door sensor located on the 2003 Jetta wagon 1.8T?

in the door lock/latch.

Where do I find the 2014 passat gas door release button?

Look in your owners manual.

The door open light on the bottom of the driver's door on your 2001 Passat wagon does not turn off when the door is fully closed Where is the switch?

It seems the switch sits as an integrated part oft the door locking system, and that the "physical" switch is actually the door latch itself.

Where is the fuse box in the 2001 passat wagon?

behind the cover on the left side of the instrument panel- driver's side- you have to have the driver's door open to remove the cover.

Where is the fuse located for the wing mirrors on a suzuki wagon r plus gl 2001?

where is the fuse located for the door mirrors on a suzuki wagon r+gl 2001

Cannot open car door from in or out vw passat 98 reg?

how i can open back door passat 1998

Fusebox location 1999 passat?

It is located at the end of the dash on the drivers side. The panel faces the door so you have to have the door open to access the panel.

Why would the locks not work on a 1998 VW Passat?

Fuse. if you have power locks it could be the power lock module or the power lock itself located in the door. I use to own a 2000 Passat wagon and while most of the doors would lock and unlock with the door switch and fob, the left rear door quit working. A used lock assembly cost me 40 bucks but was given to the new owner when I sold the car because of the sludged up engine.

Where is the open door sensor for driver's door on a 1999 Passat?

the microswitch that operates as a sensor is apereantly inside the lock mechanism in the door:

How do you remove Passat door panel?

how do you fix a window on pass side of a vw passat 2002

Is there a door ajar switch on the 2001 VW Passat?

Yes. It is in the door latch.

How do you remove door panel on 2000 passat?


Did Chevrolet make a 2 door nova wagon?

no the Chevy nova never came two door in a wagon

Where is the fuse box in a 2000 Passat?

Open driver's door, on the side of the dash board is a panel that pops off. The fuses are located under that panel

Where is the fuse box in a 1992 vw passat located?

Under the Dash on the drivers side by the door. It should have a plastic cover over it that will pop off.

Where is the 93 ford escort wagon door chime located you want to remove it?

the chimer is under neath the driver chair

How do you remove rear door handle on 2012 passat?

The rear door handle, on a 2012 Volkswagen Passat, can be removed by first removing the decorative cover. Remove the retaining screws and the linkage.

How do you open the fuel door for a 1997 vw passat?

I had the same problem with my '96 Passat when i got it. All i had to do was to put my key in the driver side door and wait until all the doors were unlocked. That unlocked my fuel door as well. you.

Rear doors will not open on my 1998 passat?

The rear doors on a 1998 Passat will not open if the lock is engaged, the child proof switch has been flipped, or the door release is broken. Repairing this problem begins by narrowing down the root cause.

Does the 1999 ford escort wagon front door differ from other 1999 ford escorts?

No. The front door on the sedan and the wagon is the same.

How do you do replace door sensor switch on VW Passat?

Because he is samir

Where is the hood release on a Mercedes E320?

The hood release on my 1998 E320 wagon is under the dash next to the drivers door. It is also listed in the Owner's Manual.

Where is the trunk fuse located on 2003 passat?

on most cars it is on the side of the dash but you have to open the driver side door to access it, you should see a panal that say fuses

Would a 56 front window match a 55 front window station wagon?

Assuming we are talking about a 55 4 door station wagon Chevrolet, if the 56 is a 2 or 4 door sedan or 4 door station wagon, yes. If the 56 is a 2 or 4 door hard top or Nomad, no.

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