Where is the fuel filter located and how do you replace it on a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

"The fuel filter is mounted on the left inner fender, below the brake master cylinder." (according to Haynes Repair Manual, pg. 1-18) They caution that the pressure must be relieved from the fuel system before removing the fuel filter. The Haynes manual describes the procedure for doing this.

Also, there is a fuel pump filter, which is located at the bottom of the fuel pump (it comes out at a right angle to the fuel pump). In a Corolla with the 4A-FE engine, the fuel pump is mounted on the top of the gas tank, a few inches back from one of the sides. The 4A-GE Corolla has the fuel pump mounted in the center of the top of the tank. To replace the filter (because it can't be repaired), you have to remove the gas tank first.

Your best bet would be to buy one or two repair manuals, depending on your level of mechanical aptitude. I have the official 1991 Toyota repair manual and the Haynes Repair Manual for Toyota Corolla 1984 thru 1992 Front-wheel drive models. Each manual has its own merits. The official manual is good because it is specific to my car, but it is obviously written for mechanics. It tells you WHAT to do, but not always HOW to do it. The Haynes manual is good because it goes into more detail about how to do repair, but it doesn't have the all specs for one particular Corolla.

I'm just a grandma who likes to do my own car repairs whenever possible.

To change the fuel filter on a 91 corolla remove the air filter cover and there are 3 screws for the lower box. Remove these and then remove the lower box. The filter is attached to the frame by a filter holder. Have a cotton rag to catch the fuel and a bucket ready to drop the old filter into. You may want a second rag to dry any spills before getting your engine hot again. This will help prevent your own personal wild fire. That's it.