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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 Probe fuel injected 4-cylinder 2.2?


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The fuel filter on a '91 Probe GL, which may or may not be the same, but I believe it is, is located near the firewall on the drivers side near the master cylinder and break fluid reservoir. It fits into a bracket type clamp in a vertical position. Should be fairly easy to replace.



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The Fuel filter for a 94 Ford probe GT is located under the air filter assembly next to the driver side front wheel well

The 1993 Ford Probe oil filter can be found on the left side of the engine. The oil filter will be near the oil pan. The oil filter is easily seen from the bottom of the engine looking up.

If it is a 4 cylinder it is on the back of the motor by the firewall.

the starter is located right below the factory air filter box

Filter is mounted on the left side engine/transmission mount. Under the cruise control actuator.

The thermostat is located on the right side of the engine looking in, in between the intake manifold and the air filter box, underneath the wiring. This is in a 1994 Ford Probe GT 6 cylinder

On the bottom of the tranny catch pan. You will have to remove the gasket seal with 12 screws then the filter is right there.

The fuel filter is mounted on a bracket affixed to the rear of the left-hand side motor/transaxle mount.

Facing your engine, it is on the right side underneath the air intake filter assembly.

under the hood on the firewall It's right about under the brake resevoir, black cylinderical.

It is located on the air filter box. Has a plug with 3 or so wires in it.

drivers side enigine compartment by the strut tower between the air intake hose and firewall

The canister-style fuel filter is located under the air filter box, back towards the firewall. It is held in a metal bracket with two bolts.They are a royal pain to get to, especially the bottom spring clamp that holds the supply hose on.

Were do I locate the fuel filter on a 1993 Ford probe 4 cylinder

where is the ecu located on a 97 ford probe

:On my 1995 ford probe, i was told there isn't a oil filter for that year so just throw the filter away and change the gasket...there actually is a filter in the transmission but its internal and the trany would need to be taken apart to access it.

You probably can't. fuel injected cars have the idle set by the ecm.

inside the trans. not a job for amatuer

look at the passinger side of the bay its towards the bulk head below a black plastic breatihg cylinder i believe mate

all you have to do is take the pan cover off. which is located just behind the raditor on the driver side. you do not have to take out the transmission to do so.

You can get to it only from under the car. It is located across from the fire wall in the center of the car. (so it is kindof right behind your right feet)

Which engine? 2.0L = 3.7 quarts with filter 2.5L = 4.2 quarts with filter

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