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Where is the fuel filter located on an infiniti i30 2000?


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In the gas tank


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The fuel filter is located in the fuel tank on a 2000 Acura 3.2 TL. The filter is attached to the fuel pump.

Yes, all vehicle have a fuel filter. Your filter is located under the hood, drivers side, rear engine area, mounted on the passenger side of the master cylinder on the firewall.

the fuel filter is located on top of the gas tank.

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The fuel filter is located under the rear of the car, rearward of the fuel tank.

The "filter" in the tank is actually a strainer. Not really meant to be serviced by the owner. You have to remove the backseat to get to the fuel pump. Not easy.There is a fuel filter inside the enginer compartment as others have already answered. This is the one to replace.AnswerIt should be located in a bracket bolted to the firewall just to the left of the brake master cylinder. Just trace the fuel line running from the injector rail. AnswerI don't know if this applies to all 2000 Infiniti I30s, but in the case of my car, the fuel filter is built into the fuel tank. I received this information from a technician who used to work at the Infiniti dealer where I bought my car. AnswerIn the gas tank

It is located in the fuel tank itself.

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Fuel filter is located on Driver's side of engine compartment

The fuel filter is on the inboard top side of the fuel tank.

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If its fuel injected then It should b located in the gas tank.

The fuel filter for 2002 and all 7th Generation Celicas(2000 thru 2005) is located inside the fuel tank

i drive a 2000 Mazda Etude and does not have a fuel filter.

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The fuel filter is located in the gas tank as part of the fuel pump assembly. So change it whenever you have to replace the fuel pump.

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