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Where is the fuel pump located on a 1985 Power Wagon?


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All 318, 360, 383, 400, and 440 cu in engines in all series of non fuel injected cars and trucks have the fuel pump mounted to the side of the timing case cover on the right side at the very front of the engine. Watch out for the pump operating rod when you remove the pump as it will fall down. I use heavy grease to hold it up when reinstalling the pump.


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Not sure what type you have but, I have a DL station wagon and the fuel filter is located under the hood on the drivers side by the strut tower.

The fuel tank on the 1987 Toyota Camry wagon is located on the underside towards the back of the vehicle. You will find that the fuel tank lies directly under the backseat.

I believe there is one at the fuel pickup in the pump...

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I have a 94 summit wagon lx and the cannister fuel filter is under the air filter and hose assembly.

It is on top of the fuel tank, you can get to it by removing the bak seat.

It is located inside the fuel tank, under the carpet, behind the rear seats.

I just changed Mine just recently,,1985 corvette fuel pump is in the fuel tank,

Located in the fuel tank, most likely a electric pump.

The fuel pump relay on the 1990 Honda Civic wagon will be located on the fuel line. Follow this line to the gas tank underneath the vehicle. This relay will be located on the right side of the line before it goes into the tank.

where is the fuel fiter located on a 1989 buick century wagon 2.5l 4cyl, and how do i go about replacing it.

Fuel filter is located between engine and firewall on drivers side of engine comartment

The Sedan fuel pump is in the top of the tank. The wagaons are located in the side of the tank.

It is in the tank and you can buy them from a Chrysler dealer that had them in Washington. I can't remember the dealer it's been so long.

its in the fuel tank if it a wagon you get at it on the drivers side in the boot by the spacesaver

The fuel pump relay is located under the hood, to the left of the power brake booster under a plastic cover attached to firewall.

The fuel pump on your Saturn SW series is located in the fuel tank, you must remove the fuel tank in order to access the fuel pump.

It's located on top of the fuel tank. It's in the biggest hole on top.

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