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Where is the fuel pump on a 2004 4 door Dodge Stratus sedan?


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2005-01-03 06:35:45
2005-01-03 06:35:45

In the fuel tank. Warranty issue.


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Be careful...the 2 door coupe takes different sized wipers than the 4 door sedan. The link below in sources and related links lays it out nicely.

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Two door coupe weighs 3276 pounds.

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It depends on the plug. Ask the person you buy the plugs from. Or if you get them at Wal-Mart or somewhere like that, they have a catalog or a computer for checking it.

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I have the same type of car a 06 dodge stratus sxt sedan and mine is located on the driver side by the door. you will need to remove the panel where your fuses are located and it is at the bottom right. hope this helps.

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Most are at the passenger's side firewall behind glove box area Some are accessed from in the vehicle cabin and other under the hood

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