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Where is the fuel pump relay fuse on fiat punto 2004?


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under passenger side glove compartment. It is a dual combo relay.


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Under the rear seats. Remove 3 screws from the metal plate and there it is.

fuel relay switch on 2004 ford ranger 4.0

Automotive journalists have a generally favourable view of the Fiat Punto. The supermini is praised for being a reasonably priced car that is relatively inexpensive to run thanks to its good fuel economy.

Where is the fuel relay switch located on a 2004 range rover

it's located under the rear drivers side wheel arch

hi there, as long as its an 8v version then they dont have fuel filters that need changing, they are built into the tank

It means the hand-brake in engaged. Make sure the hand-brake is fully down, and the warning light should dissappear. If not, it could be a hand-brake re-adjustment is in order, or there is a fault with the warning light itself. I have a fiat punto 1.1 1993 mk1 was woundering if i can use any fuel swithch for my car or do i have to get the right fuel switch for my car I have a fiat punto 1.1 1993 mk1 was woundering if i can use any fuel swithch for my car or do i have to get the right fuel switch for my car

there is no relay its a mecanical pump Some late model 1979 do have fuel injection thus requiring a relay. If you have fuel injection relay is the longer looking relay set under the dash on the passenger side. it should be in the same location as the seat belt relay, wiper intermittent switch and horn relay.

Where is the fuel relay switch in a 2004 range rover located

Under the hood in the fuse/relay center.

A 1996 Punto 55 uses a single point (non-direct) fuel injection system. Later models adopted a multi-point injection system but none of the Fiat 1.1 engines use direct injection.

Could be that your battery is tired and wants changing ? Expensive item @ $65.00 though. My car does the same thing when it is low on fuel. Punto gauges are poor quality.

In the fuse/relay center under the hood.

It is a faulty sticking injector, or LAMBDA Sensor, Or faulty ECU

The switch is down beside the drivers door sill..its a soft rubber button, you cant miss it! :)

On a 2004 Ford Ranger ( for the 3.0 and 4.0 liter V6 engines ) In the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) in the engine compartment ( # 47 is the PCM relay ) ( # 48A is the fuel pump relay )

On Fiats, the fuel cut off switch is normally under the passenger seat on behind the cover by the passenger (left hand side) kick panel by your feet.

the fuel pump is in the back below the seat The relay is in the engine bay, attached to the bulkhead, behing the throttle body. There's probably a black plastic cover with a 10mm nut, hiding it. Fuel relay is the 20a black one. The 30a red one is for the ecu circuit I think.

Hi. It can be in various places but I have had 2 cars in and both had the relay under the glove box area. I have repaired many of these cars. What is the problem exactly SM

Yes it will fit you would be better of changing box with engine and fuel setup is different so ecu will also have to be changed. fuel pump in tank should be the same but worth checking carefull removing this pump + installing as they are easilly coroded and intake/return snap off. ecu may need recoding as may well eat the petrol but this is minor and very cheap to fix

The fuel injectors in a Fiat Brava areÊlocated in the fuel rail. The fuel rail is located under the vehicle's hood and looks like a pipe.

The main relay and the fuel pump relay are the same. Take the fuel pump relay and swap it with the main relay and see if that will help you....

Mk1 to the left of pass seat press grey plastic circle Mk2 passenger footwell below dash behind carpet boltedto A pillar

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