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Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1992 Acura Legend?


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2006-09-27 03:09:33
2006-09-27 03:09:33

i believe it is located in the trunk.


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Yes, the 1992 Acura Integra has a wiper relay on it. The relay is located under the underhood relay box.

how do I find the left radiator fan relay for an 1992 acura legend

Usually controlled by a fuse and a switch located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash

The 1992 Acura heater control relay switch can be found beneath the passenger side dashboard. The heater control relay switch will be a few inches above the kick plate.

my Acura legend brakes are fine and Thank you the problem is my interior inside my car looks like dirty and i need to clean it so it will look brand new... I love my 1992 Acura Legend.

below the left side of the instrument panel behind the kick panel on the fuse box

Check the release fuse first. Then check the relay, and the switch. If these are all ok, then check the solenoid at the release inside of the trunk.

I do believe it is the same body style and most things should transfer over to the 1993. It may have some electrical differences but not many. You can also transfer parts from a 1994 Acura Legend.

Possibly the Blower Motor has stopped working. This was the case in my 1994 Acura Legend. I just replaced it, and now the heat works great again!

Where id the fuel injector relay located on a 1992 toyota camery 4 cylender

The thermostat is located under the throttle assembly. It is at the top end of the LOWER radiator hose. Gotta leave it to the Japanese, who would have thought to put a thermostat there?


how to replace the thermal switch relay on a 1992 Honda civic lx

YOu might have a cracked head gasket- that what caused mine to do that

In a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta, the fuel pump relay is located on the bottom row of the fuse panel. It is the fuse on the far right.

The starter relay on a 1992 GMC Sierra is in the engine compartment. It is located on the passenger side near the front.

where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville on the outside or the inside

There's no starter relay on the 1992 nisssan sentra, but there is a ignition relay which controls the starter and this should be located somewhere in the engine compartment where the relay box is

most likely plug wires change them see what happens

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