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Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1995 Dodge Spirit?


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2007-08-16 03:04:57
2007-08-16 03:04:57

Depending on Engine... but for example on my 2.5L its on the driver side inner pannel and is the 2nd relay that you come on


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the fuel pump on a 1995 dodge colt is located in the fuel tank.

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There is no fuse for the fuel pump just a fuel pump relay.

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Dodge uses relays, the ASD relay will be on the firewall.

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on the firwall on the driver side there are 3 relays, one is the fuel pump relay

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On the inner fender behind the battery. There is a group of 5 relays, 3 on the fender wall, and 2 on the strut housing. the innermost one is the fuel pump relay, the outer one is the starter relay. they fin any common Chrysler relay.

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