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There isn't a reset switch on a 1983 grand marquis as Ford didn't put fuel injection into cars until 1986.

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Q: Where is the fuel reset switch or button for 1983 grand marquis?
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Where is the automatic fuel shut off switch on a Mercury Grand Marquis?

On my 1998 Grand Marquis, the fuel shutoff swith is located on the left sidewall of the trunk. Push the button to reset.

How do you reset the fuel pump shut off switch on a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis?

I found the reset switch on the left side trunk hinge on a 1988. Press the button to reset. Should be similar for yours.

Where is the reset button for the carburetor for a 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Carburators don't have reset buttons.

Where is the restart button located in 1998 mercury grand marquis?

There isn't one. If you're talking about the Fuel Reset Switch - it's in the Trunk.

Does an 1989 Grand Marquis have an inertia switch?

Yes. The inertia switch is located in the trunk on the drivers side (up near the trunk hinge) There will be a small white button to reset it.

Should the fuel pump reset button be up or down on a 93 mercury grand marquis?

The reset button on the fuel pump inertia switch should be DOWN ( if the button has popped up , then no power is going to the electric fuel pump )

Where is the reset switch on a 1986 Grand Marquis?

Fuel pump reset ??? Trunk, driver's side, under carpet..

Where is the fuel pump reset on 2004 mercury marquis?

On a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) which has a reset button on top is located : ( in the trunk , behind the trunk liner on the drivers side , near the drivers side rear tail light , there is an access hole )

How do you reset the fuel pump on a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis?

There is a cut-off switch on the driver's side in the trunk. It is usually lableled.

How do you reset the fuel pump switch on a 1994 grand marquis?

If it is anything like the 1993 model, open the trunk on the drivers side near the trunk lid hinge pull the carpet back, you should see a box with a red button on it push it in to reset the fuel pump.

What do you do to reset the fuel switch on a ford f150?

Locate the switch and press the reset button.

How do you reset inertia switch on 2000 ranger when the button is not popped out?

Is the " FUEL RESET " light in your dash on If the button has not popped up on the top of the inertia switch than the switch doe's not need to be reset

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