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Where is the fuse box for the power windows on a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo?


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2006-11-08 13:42:55
2006-11-08 13:42:55

Open the drivers side door,look at the end or side of dash where door meets. Try that Look under the dash where the other fuses are and you will see a little fuse block with a tiny red reset button. If the button is out, push it in to reset your window fuse. My windows have quit working twice and I had to do this, and then I haven't had the problem in months.


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That circuit has a relay/circuit breaker not a fuse. Chances are you have a window motor with a dead short which is not allowing breaker to reset. Check the drivers side first; unplug it the window motor and see if the other windows come alive.

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