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Where is the fuse for the dashboard light of a Nissan Frontier and if it is in the fuse box which one is it?


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2007-08-23 00:56:54
2007-08-23 00:56:54

This answer does not address which fuse in the fuse is for the dashboard lights. I checked the fuse diagram on the back of the cover, but could not find one for dashboard/instrument panel lighting. Any suggestions? On 99 Nissan Frontier 2.4/2WD, the fuse box can be access by removing the plastic rectangular cover about your left knee high. Inside the cover is the diagram for each fuses and what it serve. There's also a plastic fuse remover on the right side of the fuse assembly, several spare fuses on top and it uses the midget(1/2")type fuse. Hope this will help. (


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