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Behind the rear seat under the well cover the motor will tell you what to get their is a rubber plug in the top of the motor that's were the fluid goes. Hope this helps.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:52:44
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Q: Where is the hydraulic pump for a 1995 Chrysler le baron gtc convertable and how do you refill it?
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What are causes for 95 la baron convertable top to go down but not up?

Bad connection in your switch, possible sticky motor.

How many motor mount does a 1993 Chrysler Le Baron have?


How do you fix power widows on a 1986 Chrysler lebaron?

how to repair passenger side window on a1986 Chrysler le baron

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1990 Chrysler Le Baron?

It is in the fuel tank.

How many gallons of gas does a 1996 Chrysler Le baron hold?

14.4 gallons

Where is the motor for the drivers side back window in a 1993 Chrysler Le baron?

Inside that door.

Where is the dipstick for transmission on a 1988 Chrysler Le Baron?

The dipstick is on the lower front of the transmission on a LeBaron.

What transmission fluid for 87 Chrysler le baron?

mopar atf+3 or atf+4, not dextron

Where is a c drain on 1992 Chrysler le baron?

Under the car on the passenger side near rhe firewall.

Where is the heater core for Chrysler La Baron 1993 convertible V6 3.0?

It is inside the HVAC housing under the dash.

What size rear speakers is in Chrysler Le Baron Convertible 1991?

I BELIVE THERE 3 / 9 ''S No. There is rounded speakers but I don

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1985 Chrysler Le Baron 2.2 Turbo?

It should be built in the alternator. Ask auto parts.

What car does Veronica Mars drive?

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What would cause the oil light on 89 Chrysler le baron to go on when oil level is good?

Faulty sending unit.

94 Chrysler le baron neutral safety switch where is it located?

It screwed into the front of the transmission, just above the oil pan.

MY 88 Chrysler le baron digital gauge reads a quarter full but the tank is full?

you need to replace the sending unit in the tank!

Should fuel come out of fuel line to the injectors on a Chrysler Le baron when cranking engine?

Yes as soon as you turn on the key in fact.

When you put your 1994 Chrysler Le baron in gear it shuts off and the transmission fluid is black.?

Bad torque converter, replace and rebuild trans.

Where is Coolant temperature sensor in a Chrysler 1990 Le Baron?

Two wire sensor very near upper rad hose and thermostat housing.

How do you replace heater core in 1987 Chrysler La Baron?

The whole dash and if it has center console, all has to be removed. The a/c has to be discharged also. Good luck.

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How do you locate a 1992 Chrysler Le Baron starter?

Four cylinder, rear of engine below exhaust manifold. V6, front of engine behind motor mount.

How you stop 1990 Chrysler Le baron V6 from stalling?

check to see how dirty your air filter is. if is too dirty it could cause the problem it was the cause of mine.

Where is the fuel filter on a Chrysler Le Baron turbo coupe 1989?

I think Chrysler has always put the fuel pump in the fuel tank. I have a 95 drop top Lebaron and I have to install my new pump inside. It should be under the car, just in front of the tank.

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