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The 1995 Aerostart Owner's Manual states: "Power Locks - 30 amp, Inline" "Located above fuse block - left cowl side." An inlinf fuse is in 'series' in the wire, it is not part of the fuse block! Just located near it.

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Q: Where is the in-line fuse located for the electric door locks on a 1996 Ford Aerostar?
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It has no in-line fuse. The fuse is in the fuse panel.

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Where the door lock relay is located in my aerostar?

I am not 100% positive but i think it is right behind the drivers seat in the panel where the rear heat is. Everytime i hit the lock button i hear something clicking in there, as I have my panel off right now. I know there is a plug in there also that if unplugged will disable the locks so pretty sure its there.