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The low pressure side generally has a different fitting than the high side so your kit should only attach to one side. The low side generally has a larger size hose connected to it also.

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Q: Where is the low pressure valve on a 1997 VW cabrio Need to recharge the ac with r134 you see two valves but not sure which one is high and which one is low is there a picture out there somewhere?
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How do you change the freon in a 2002 cabrio?

Connect a Freon bottle to the low pressure port on the top of your air conditioning compressor. Release the Freon into the air conditioning system. A recharge kit will make the process simple.

How do you recharge auto air condition on VW cabrio?

Buy kit at wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructions

What is the spark plug wire sequence on a 1990 vw cabrio?

what is the spark plug wire sequence to a 1990 vw cabrio. send picture if possible?

What is the difference between a cabrio and a jetta?

cabrio is a convertible

Where can you download a volkswagen cabrio owners manual?

owners manual 1995 Volkswagen cabrio

What does LF mean on the whirlpool cabrio washing machine?

What does LF on cabrio washer mean

What is the correct tire pressure for 1998 Cabrio?

Check owner's manual or Door jambs, fuel filler door or glove box door for label

How many gallons of gas can a VW Cabrio hold?

My 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio GLX holds 12 Gallons.

What is the Gas Tank Cap capacity of a 99 VW Cabrio?

14.5 gallons for the late model 99 Cabrio

How do you replace headlight bulb on 2000 vw cabrio?

how do you change front headlight bulb on 2000 volkswagon cabrio

What is the difference between a cabrio and cabriolet?

cabrio's were made from 1995-2002. cabriolet is anything older than 1995.

Where would the transmission oil dipstick on a 1998 vw cabrio convertible automatic be?

The 98 Cabrio has a sealed transmission, it does not have a dipstick.

What is the tire size of a 1997 volkswagen cabrio?

195 60 14 low profile wheels are perfect for the VW Cabrio.

Where does the freon go in on a 1999 VW Cabrio?

The Freon is added into the low pressure ac port. It will be mounted in a metal hoes or the drier in the ac system. The low and high pressure ports are different sizes so that they cannot be mixed up.

How do you disconnect the car alarm on a 2004 VW Cabrio?

Impossible, seeing as there is no such thing as an '04 VW Cabrio. They stopped making them in 2002.

Where can you buy a VW cabrio steering column cover?

Did you ever find one...I'm looking for the same thing 2002 Cabrio

Does a 1995 vw cabrio have a glove box?

No, there is no glove box on a 1995 VW Cabrio. The space is occupied primarily by the passenger air bag.

How do you dye clothes with Rit liquid dye in your Whirlpool Cabrio Top load washer?

can you use rit dye in a whirlpool cabrio dryer

How many 1957 BMW Isetta 300 cabriolets were built?

less then two hundred bubble cabrio and less then 600 sliding cabrio

Cruise control vw 1998 cabrio?

What about it?

What type of oil Volkswagen cabrio?


Where do you hook up an OBD code reader on a 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio?

The 1999 Volkswagon Cabrio OBD 2 port is under dash at left side

Car 1995 VW cabrio Oil light flashes and beeps once you begin to drive car does not happen at idle or when parked I have changed the oil pressure switch on top of the oil filter manifold?

Low oil pump pressure due to crankshaft bearing bad

How is the radio turned on in a 1998 VW Cabrio I have the code but can't find the right thing to push next?

I just push the > on the search button on my 1999 cabrio

Where is the trunk release located in a Volkswagen cabrio?

I have a 1999 cabrio and the trunk release is in the centre console. If you unlock the little box there is a trunk release button in there. Hope this helps you out.