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Where is the low side fill connector for a 2000 Ford Expedition air conditioning unit?


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2005-06-15 19:27:34
2005-06-15 19:27:34

Answer to find lo pressure recharge valve: 1. Locate transmission oil fill tube tube cap on engine's risht side(looking Fwd) 2. Valve is about 2 inches up and 3 inches towards firewall from this handle on the accumulator; under and behind a few wiring harness connections. Don't give up...It is there. It is well camouflaged! This answer was provided by someone answering another question, but I needed the information for my 1998 Ford Expedition, as I had looked everywhere. I have never seen a low pressure port located right on the side of the accumulator, but this one is, It is under a junction box, behind hoses and wiring harnesses, and the Black insulation on the accumulator makes it blend right in. It points toward the engine, not the fender well.


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