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it is under the flywheel

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โˆ™ 2007-07-07 19:18:46
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Q: Where is the magneto on a Kohler gas engine?
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Gas Leaking from Kohler Engine carburetor when Engine Not Running?

The float is probably stuck open.

What engine is better the kohler or the Briggs and stratton engine?

Kohler for sure

Is there a filter in the gas tank of john deere L110 lawn tractor with 17.5 Kohler engine?

no, but there is an inline filter.

Where is Kohler engine made?

Hattiesburg, Miss. is the US factory for Kohler engines.

Do lawnmower battery charge from engine?

Yes, it charges from the magneto.

Kohler oil filter for kohler cv23s engine?

12-050-01: Available at most Lowe's

What is magneto starter?

According to Wikipedia, a magneto starter, also called the ignition magneto, provides current or pulses for the ignition system of a spark-ignition engine, like fuel engines.

How much oil doese a koholer engine hold?

That depends on what size of Kohler engine you have ( my 149 cc Kohler engine on my lawn mower takes ( 20 ounces / 600 ml )

Does a Kohler K341 16HP engine has a oil filter?


How can you stop a kohler engine from backfiring?

if it only backfires when shutting off, usually this means its getting to much gas!! if it backfires will running adjust carburater.

Why do some aircraft have dual magnetos?

Basically the second Magneto is provided as a fail safe. There are a lot of redundancies in aviation, especially when it comes to maintenance and safety. The second magneto on a single engine plane is there to contine to provide a spark to the engine in case of a failure of the first magneto.

What is the function of the P-lead in the magneto system?

If the P-lead is grounded, the magneto doesn't generate spark. Basically it turns the engine on and off.

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