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#1 on the distributor cap of a Dodge 360 faces to the front - inline with the center of the engine ( according to the picture in my Chilton repair manual )

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What is motor size for 1973 dodge swinger motor home?

mine has a 440 .it is a 28 footer

What is the Horse power rating for 1973 dodge 440 motor?

The 1973 Dodge 440 cubic inch engine was rated at 375 horsepower. That was with a single, four barrel carburetor.

Which was the maximum speed of pick-up dodge 200 motor perkins diesel 6cyl 73HP 1973?

The maximum speed of pick-up dodge 200 motor perkins diesel 6cyl 73HP 1973 is 180km/hr.

Where can you find a distributor rebuild kit for a 1973 dodge charger 400?

try or most parts places can order you the parts.

What is the fuel capacity of a 1973 Dodge Motor home?

My class "C" had a 20 gallon capacity (not enough)

What engine does your 1973 dodge motor home have?

it has a 360 motor & its for sale 702-553-5340 If you interested in all the information about your VIN number, go to the LINK below, and look up all the information about your motor home: just scroll down until you see 1973. Brian

What is the firing order for a 1973 dodge 440 motor?


What is the firing order for a 1973 dodge dart swinger slant six?

1 - 5 - 3 - 6 - 2 - 4 The distributor rotor turns clockwise

What is the firing order of a 1973 dodge dart v8?

1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 and the distributor rotates counter clockwise.

What is theFiring order distributor cap for a 1973 dodge charger with a 400?

the firing order is 18436572. The Distributor location of no 1 is usually on the front to the right of the Dist. hold down clip. But, that can be changed depending on where you locate the Dist. in the block.

Will a 440 engine fit in a 1973 dodge dart swinger that has a factory 318?

yes it will but you will have to buy motor plates to mount it in the car as the 318 motor mounts won't work.

A 1973 dodge motor home that has less than one volt going to the dash gauges but needs six?

the resistor is bad

How do you replace water pump on 1973 Dodge 360 motor home?

Is there a spacer on the top of the water pump between the A/C and the pump

How do you reset timing on 1973 454 Chevy after replacing distributor cap?

No need to if the distributor was not moved.

Distributor rotation 1973 Chevy 5.7?


What size motor does a 1973 vw superbeetle have in it?

1973 super beetle comes with 1600 cc motor.

Can you eliminate the egr on a 1973 318 Chrysler motor?

can you eliminate the egr on a 1973 318 chrysler motor

Do you know where the oil pressure sensor is located on a 1973 Chevy camaro?

most small blick chevys have the oil sensor on the back of the motor behind the intake just right of the distributor

How much is a 1973 dodge challenger worth?

Depends on a number of factors such as overall condition, mileage, options, etc...

What model is the burn notice dodge charger?

it is a 1973 dodge charger

Which way should the distributor turn on a 1973 Oldsmobile cutless?


You have a 1973 Dodge 1 ton 360 truck motor home what type of transmission fluid should you put in it?

Type F. Do NOT use Dextron or General Motors type.

Will a 1973 dodge coronet front seat fit a 1991 dodge 1500 d150?


When did William C. Dodge die?

William C. Dodge died in 1973.

What is the Spark plug wiring sequence from distributor to plugs for a 1973 impala?


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