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The Dart is a car manufactured by Chrysler Corporation for its Dodge division. The company initially introduced full size Dart cars in 1960 and launched mid-size and compact variants in 1962 and 1963, respectively.

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Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1969 dodge dart?

Buy a motor manual with one in it.
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What is the firing order of a 1974 dodge dart slant 6?

The firing order is 1-5-3-6-2-4. The number 1 cylinder is closest to the front. The numbers are in line from 1 to 6. ...
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What color was the motor of a Dodge Dart in 1969?

Answer Depending on the size engine, it was probably orange. Some were blue. Answer most likely Chrystler Orange slant 6- 273- 318- petty blue(chrysler blue) 383-340-440 orange...
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Where is the flasher on a 1974 dodge dart swinger?

Look in or near the fuse box - driver's side firewall area
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What's the firing order for a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 318?

the firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 and the distriburator rotates counter clockwise. ...
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Will 1967 dodge dart fenders fit a 1969?

No. A 1967 fender will only fit a 67-68. The fender used on a 69 dart was used until 74. I have a 68 so I know that its hard to find front fenders because they where only on the dart for 2 years. wrong answer- 67-69 front fenders are the same w/ 1 minor change to make- 67 no park light 68 round park light 69 retangle reflecters in 1970 the fenders were shortened for a header paneel the grill fit...
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Will 1973 Dodge Dart front fenders fit a 1967?

no 73 fenders are different you can use 68 or 69 fenders but there is a small difference in 67 there was no park light is 68 there was a round one up near the body line and in 69 there was a light near the front bottom that was the only difference to use a 68 or 69 fender all you have to do is fill in the light holes I had a 1969 Dart (2 DR HT) and...
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Where is cylinder number one in straight 6 dodge dart?

At the front closest to the radiator
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How do you take apart the dash on a 69 dart?

first you have to take the windshield out.Then you take the 6 screws out of the top ,then you loosen 2 side bolts under the dash by each kick panel.Then you tip it back toward you and unhook all your heater cables and wiring plugs by the kick panel on drivers side.Unhook speedometer cable.Then unhook door light switches on both side and it should lift out. ...
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What song plays during the dodge dart commercial?

"No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West
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How do you remove the windshield in a 1970 Dodge Dart?

You call the glass co. out to do the job.
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Dodge 318 engine spark plug gap?

Depends on the year. Call your local auto parts store.
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Did dodge make a dodge dart twister model?

no, the dart was never a twister model but the dodge demon made that model in 1971. ...
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Does anyone have a Diagram of Freeze Plugs on 318 engine for a 1973 Dodge Dart?

go to the library and get a chiltons repair manual for you year dodge.
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How much does a 1968 dodge dart weigh?

between 3,100 and 3,300 lbs.
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What transmission does a 1973 dodge dart 255 engine have?

more than likely it's an A-901.
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Are there any headers to fit a 1972 Dodge Dart with a 1969 340ci motor?

there should be quite a selection since the dart is the A body and the 340 is a LA motor or a smallblock mopar engine. the 273, 318 and 360 ci engines are of the same smallblock family as your 340. just a bit of advice , installing headers on a dart or other A body cars is a little time consumeing, the drivers side engine mount will have to be unbolted ,possibly the passenger side to,depending how much room you...
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How do you test an alternator to see if it is still good?

Pull the hot battery cable off of the battery if the alternator is bad the engine will stall out. 12/07 If you have the unit out, run it down to your local parts dealer (probably shouldn't say their name) and they can bench test it for you. Most of these places will do it for free in hopes of selling you a new one. If you have the older-style (pre-electronic) system, it's as easy as having the car idling, connecting a voltmeter...
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How do you install a dodge dart gas sending unit?

the tank has to come down and a ring holds the unit in place has to be unscrewed off using a special punch and hammer as to not cause a spark and then once the ring is off you can pull the complete unit out of the tank and replace with a new unit. ...
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Production total of 68 dodge darts gts?

8,745 Dodge Dart GTS 340 / 383 engine Darts with 440 engine 68 Darts with Hemi 80 We have a 1968 Dodge Dart GTS 340 with 6 pack. My husband has had it since high school. It is still all original. It's triple black with white bumble bee stripe. Here's a good site with the numbers. ...
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Can you fit a 1976 Monaco 360 in a 1974 Dodge Dart slant six?

With lots of modifications and persistence it is possible. motor mounts, transmission, cross member, just a little taste of what your looking at for parts You can order a kit from Schumaucher performance (Just google it)they have a great kit you don't need to change the crossmember it has motor mount relocation kit that bolts in and works! It's not that hard at all if you've got all the parts together it can be done in about a day. Did it in...
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How do you remove the dash speaker in a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport?

Fun Fun Fun..The last one I did was remove the glovebox liner. its cardboard and held in with phillips screws. be careful not to tear it. It can be replaced for $15 from if you do. Once it is out now carefully reach your hand to the center in and removed the two hex bolts holding the speaker in. I use either a shorty nut driver or small 1/4' rachet. I believe the bolt is a 3.8". If you are still...
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Will a 360 fit easily into an engine compartment that used to have 318 for 1973 Dodge Dart?

Yes, all small blocks are interchangable in the A-body dart platform small blocks or LA engines are 273, 318, 340, 360cid engines are all SB, transmissions also interchange, same motor mount locations etc. Big blocks are 383, 400, 413, 426, 440. One difference you should be aware of is that a 360 engine is "externally" balanced. In other words, the rotating assembly (crank, rods & pistons) is balanced from the factory with counterweights on the harmonic balancer/damper and torque converter. A 318 is "neutral"...
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You pulled a 225 dodge 6-cylinder out will a 318 bolt in without modifing the motor mounts?

No. But there are companies that make adapter mounts which will allow it to bolt-in without modifications. (Not cheap.) ...