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Where is the oil filter located on a Geo Prism?


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2006-06-29 00:40:48
2006-06-29 00:40:48

Look under your exhaust manifold on the front of the engine. Towards the passenger side.


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On the firewall, under your master cylinder. That is incorrect: The Oil Filter is located on the block; to the right and above the oil pan.

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It should be adjacent to the oil filter. It's below and to the left of the oil filter, under the alternator bracket.

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The oil on a 1995 Geo Prism is changed by placing a drain pan under the engine, removing the oil filter, unscrewing the drain plug, and allowing all the old oil to run out. A new filter is then installed, the drain plug put in, and the engine refilled with new oil.

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it is right under the motor. it will be black with a bolt sticking out on the botom of it.

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It fits many vehicles: Chevrolet Prism, Geo Prism, Toyota Camry, Toyota Celica, Toyota Highlander to name a few. Go to

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