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The oil filter is inside the domed cover with spanner hexagon ,located between rocker cover and bulkhead Lee


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Its at the back of the engine underneath the oil filter

A synthetic oil is usually good for a Vauxhall combo. You can purchase these oils at local auto stores such as Pep Boys.

The Amber light with a Spanner in it is a Service light. Telling you that the vehicle is in need of a service (Replacing the Oil, Oill Filter, Air Filter etc.) Your Vauxhall Dealer can take the amber light off using Tech 2.

Im no Mechanic but i read it somewhere that its ment to be 5w 30..

i dont know im looking for the answer myself.

its on the oil cooler /filter block thats right under the alternator

diesel 20 ltr, oil filter is situated at the front of the engine underneath the Black plastic engine cover. remove cover and look down the front of the engine were you will see the top of the oil filter housing, ( you will need a 36mm socket to undo this cap) once removed lift out the oil filter and replace with new. genuine Vauxhall filter comes compleate with new o ring seals. easy job with minimal oil spilage.

Just under 5 litres. That will be 4 litres then to top Up with about half a litre. To much oil is as bad as not enough.

On the right and front of the engine when looking under the bonnet

the oil filter is under the drivers side wheel arch, its easier to take the wheel off to get access to it that way you have no restrictions

how do I fill the gearbox oil on a vauxhall vectra

it takes 3.5 litres with an oil filter change at the same on an 8 valve 1.6 litre petrol engine

its located in a black plastic housing on the (os) of the engine with a 32mm nut on top

right beside oil top up , under metal shield , held on with 2 screws and 1 nut ?

Engine number is underneath, near the oil filter. Good pictures on Omega Owners' Forum.

There is a bell shaped housing next to oil filler cap, remove the 2Torx Screws and loosen the nut on the engine block and remove housing. Once removed you should see a plastic nut requiring 28mm spanner ( I think its 28mm anyway) unscrew plastic bell shaped housing and there you have cartridge filter. Remove and fit new/ replace everything else back as take off.

The Zafira is fitted with an eco (paper element filter) located at the front of the engine. you are looking for a black dome with approx 30mm hexagon on it when you replace the eco filter tighten only to the recommended torque shown on the filter housing Semi synthetic oil should be fine.

No because oil filter i meant for oil to go on the filter air filter does not need oil

One filter is a normal full flow filter between the oil pump and the main oil gallery. It cannot be very fine or there is a risk of oil starvation as it becomes more clogged. To provide fine filtering, a second filter takes a proportion of the oil from the main gallery and filters it back into the sump. I guess it works as I change my Midis oil and filters as specified and the engine has done 176,000 miles.

Place a drip pan below the oil filter. Loosen the oil filter with a oil filter wrench, by turning the filter to the left. Fill the new oil filter with oil and reverse the process.

Why do you want to open the oil filter?? The filter is a spin-on. Why do you want to open the oil filter?? The filter is a spin-on. Why do you want to open the oil filter?? The filter is a spin-on.

The alternator oil pipe on combo van leaking does feed the vacuum and the return pipe.

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