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Where is the oxygen sensor heater circuit fuse located on a 96 Mercury Sable?


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In the engine compartment relay/fuse panel. It is either position #27 or #28. One page in my book shows #27, the other page shows #28.


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Heated oxygen sensor heater circuit malfunction (bank 1, sensor 1): Open or short in heated oxygen sensor heater circuit Heated oxygen sensor heater malfunction (Haynes Repair Manual)

The air fuel sensor heater circuit is also known as a Oxygen Sensor. It's main purpose is to detect the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas compared to the outside level of oxygen.

The heater in the oxygen sensor has failed. Its a good idea to replace BOTH oxygen sensors at the same time. If one has failed the other won't be lasting very long.

Both oxygen sensors are in the exhaust pipe, one under the front of the engine, one roughly under the passenger seat are.

Newer oxygen sensors are heated for accuracy. If the heater element goes bad the oxygen sensor doesn't work and needs to be replaced. If you have an oxygen sensor heater malfunction, it just means that the oxygen sensor has failed.

The oxygen sensor is "done". It should be replaced.

P0060 - heated oxygen sensor bank2 sensor 2 heater resistance p0062 - heated oxygen sensor bank2 heater control circuit

02 Sensor Heater Control Circuit Low (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Shorted condition detected in the oxygen sensor heater element control feedback sense circuit

is located in the exhaust manifold .every time is to much better change the 2 sensor atone time

post -converter oxygen senser heater or circuit fault


P0135 on Mitsubishi galant 2003 Definition: HO2S 11 Heater condition (Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1) Explanation: The powertrain control module monitors the oxygen sensor heater. The computer has recognized a failure in this ciricuit. Probable Causes 1. -Oxygen sensor defective 2. -Poor connection at oxygen sensor 3. -Check circuit-fuse

mercury oxide + oxygen -> mercury + oxygen

Bank 2 sensor 2 refers to the oxygen sensor on the passenger side of the exhaust system and after the catalytic converter. heater circuit is the oxygen sensor or the wiring going to it, it is what is called a heated oxygen sensor. Google image search oxygen sensor and that is what it looks like, and they can be a bear to get out.

oxygen sensor on 2.0 is located on the exhaust pipe on v6 it is located in front and rear exhaust manifolds

P1151 is a Diagnostic trouble code that refers to the Oxygen Sensor. If you look up the definition of that code for that year, it will tell you if it refers to a pre-CAT of post-CAT oxygen sensor, and should indicate what might be wrong with the sensor ( e.g. heater circuit, signal circuit, reading low, reading high, etc.). Oxygen Sensors are seated in the exhaust system or exhaust manifold, and are used by the engine's controller to determine the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, which is then used regulate the incoming air/fuel ratio.

were is the fuse located for the O2 sensor

H02S Bank 1 Sensor 3 Heater circuit. This should be the H02S (heated oxygen sensor) located after the catalytic converter. If the wiring looks okay the sensor is probably bad.

it means that the heated circuit decreases time that is needed to enter. When the O2 heater reaches it's right temperature the oxygen sensor commmunicates by switching according to exygen content of the exhaust that surrounds it.

It is the one on the passenger side behind the catalytic converter

O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.

96 has 2 one in front. there is no bank2 on I-4 motors S1 is always the front sensor S2 is the rear (behind CAT)

P0134 - 02 (oxygen) Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank I Sensor 1)A code P0134 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:Bad O2 (oxygen) sensorBad heater circuit in the O2 sensorWiring or connector to the sensor frayed / brokenBlown heater circuit fuseHoles in the exhaust system (between engine and cat)PCM failure

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