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Where is the plug located on a 1999 Grand AM GT to add transmission fluid?


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2006-10-26 21:52:07
2006-10-26 21:52:07

There is a red cap on the top of the trans. It can be a little tricky to see. Be careful how you check it, get in touch with your local gm dealer or a mechanic you trust for instructions on how to properly check the fluid level.


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On a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis : The automatic transmission fluid level dipstick is in the engine compartment , near the firewall , towards the passenger side of the engine

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It doesn't have one but they can check the transmission fluid at any place that does oil changes

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I have a 1999 Grand am se and it dont have a dipstick but it do have a red transmission fluid top on the right side of the 3400 sign that could be unscrewed but it don't have anything on it to check the fluid but you could stick your finger in it to see if its anything in it

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When changing fluids in a car, it is important to know the fluid capacity of the car. A 1999 Pontiac Grand AM holds about 5 quarts of transmission fluid.

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Where is the transmission fluid filler located on a 1999 buick park avenue 3800?

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