Where is the power window fuse on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

I don't know how many engineers it took to think of this, but you have to remove the coin tray on the bottom left of the dash. There is a fuse panel behind that, but that would be too easy. Next to that fuse panel are three bigger square fuse blocks. Two blue 40 amp fuses and a pink 30 amp fuse. The power window fuse is the pink one. Unless you have very tiny hands you can't reach it. Now you have to remove the lower dash panel that is held on by four 10mm screws. Pop out the two square plastic caps on each side of the steering column to get to the two top screws.

Before you take your dashboard apart, check if all three of the non-driver windows have stopped working, not just the one. If this is the case, you likely pushed the "window lock" button by accident.