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trying to locate a sensor for the theft system for a 1996 Toyota camry please help someone

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2012-04-23 20:04:48
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Q: Where is the sensor for the theft system location on a 1996 Toyota Camry?
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Location of sensor Toyota Camry Bank 1 sensor 2?

Left and right oxygen sensor not working.Toyota camry 6 cyl,1999

What is the color of the speed sensor wire on a Toyota Camry and location?

I think itsredishgreen

Toyota 2200 16 valve adjust timing?

location of Crankshaft Position sensor, 1996 Camry,

Where is the location the fuel pump on Toyota Camry station wagon?

Where is the location of the fuel pump on a 1987 toyota camry wagon

What is the location of the camshaft sensor on a 2001 Toyota Camry?

You can find it lower the valve cover on the side of the engine facing the firewall.

Location mass air flow sensor Toyota Camry?

The mass air flow sensor is responsible for the amount of air the engine receives. For the Toyota Camry, it is located inside the air filter box. The sensor is about the size of a cigarette box that forms a connection between the throttle body and air intake .

Does the 1993 Toyota Camry have a crankshaft or a camshaft sensor?

Man I wish i knew. I also wish I knew where it's location as well.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor of 2003 Toyota Camry LE?

The 2003 Toyota Camry coolant temperature sensor can be found on top of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be near the center of the exhaust manifold.

Where is the mass air flow sensor on a 1995 Toyota Camry with a 2.2 4-cylinder?

where is the mass air flow sensor on a toyota camry with a 2.2 4 cyli nder

How do you replace speed sensor in 2006 Toyota Camry?

tell me how to do it

How many oxygen sensor does a Toyota Camry has?

At least two.

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Why is my 2000 Toyota Camry's windshild wiper system clogged?

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