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Where is the radiator fan relay for escort lx 96?


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On the firewall of the passenger side of the engine bay.


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If the radiator fan does not shut off on a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus, the fan relay might be bad. The fan relay is usually located in a bank of relays near the battery.

On a ford escort 96 , it is under the fuse box that is located uder the hood on the drivers side . right under the fan fuse.

Check the fan sensor and relay for the Contour fan. Check the fan motor next. One of these three will most likely be the problem.

if it is an electric fan then yes. it does. and it should be located on the fan itself. if not, follow the wires till you find it. shouldn't be far.

Is your Escort a 91 to 96 or is it a 97 to 2002?

In my '96 beretta the cooling fan relay switch is located on the drivers side strut tower. That may not be the problem. If your fan still won't work after changing the relay switch try the coolant temperature switch/sensor.

The 1996 VW Jetta fan relay is located under the hood on the drivers side. The legend is located in the top cover of the fuse center.

how do you change the radiator in 96 chevrolet lumina

No/low coolant, bad thermostat, dirty/plugged radiator (inside and/or outside of it), air pocket in coolant, electric fan relay, temp switch for fans, bad fans.

I am fighting the exact opposite problem on a 96 Mystique. I cant get my fan to come on and i have traced it back to be a ground problem. Wherever the switch is, it turns the fan on and off by closing the ground side of circuit, and activating the relay. Start by checking your relay, and making sure its not stuck "OPEN" otherwise, the switch, (Where ever it may be) is bad.

its a relay in the dash or check ur switch

The relay is located in the engine compartment, sitting together with two other relays, the one in the middle of the three is the one for the fan. the one closest to the passenger side is for the fuel pump.

It's on the radiator shroud or brace, on the right of the fan.

You cant change just the relay. On 96 thunderbirds the fpr is part of the Constant control relay module "CCRM" this also controls the computer relay and you electric fan relays.

No, A 91 to a 96 transmission will fit a 94 Escort.

I had a 96 model, and I think (as far as I can remember) it was under the fan unit case.

remove electric fan drain coolant remove upper and lower hose remove what ever else may be blocking the radiator from being removed remove radiator reverse

96 Saturn doesn't have a starter relay

Does the radiator fan work? If not, have it checked or check it out yourself.

No. The 97 is a third generation escort and the 96 is a second generation escort.

Try looking behind the fuse box.There sould be 2. Pri.& Secondary. Also if you seem to be replacing these more than once. Check the fan moter it could be going out and pulling unusualy high Amp.s through these causeing falure. (your High Temp cooling fan relay 'automatic only' could also be found by where your top radiator hose connects to eng.& thermostat next to and slitely twards the fire wall (back of car) the ign. coil. the controle switch is also next to this) No Expert but know a thing er 2. hope this can help. JuSt|&|HeLp|AnoTHer|________________It_will_come_back!!!_____________(:~:)

The cooling fan relay sensor on 96-97 Chrysler neon should be located underneath vehicle, mounted to frame on drivers side front corner of engine compartment; (very forward inside wall of vehicle frame). Should be "unplug-unbolt" procedure.

This may not be that helpful, but on the 1999, there are two relays and they are both in the fuse relay compartment under the hood, on the passenger on side above the battery.

Yes it will. i have a 97 escort built in sept `96 and have an engine and trans from an escort built in late `02.

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