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there is a fan control relay under the dashboard with the other relays check that then check the temperature contreol module theat is located in the engine compartment On my '99 Jetta (late 98 manuf. date) there is a 2 speed sensor/sender on the lower part of the radiator, facing the driver. It's on the tube at the end of the radiator. The fan motor has three leads, an orange, which should be hot, and is monitored by a 40 amp fuse located either on top of the battery, or with the fuse modules/relays under the dash. (according to the book, I still can't find mine, it may be NEXT to the battery. The negative must be thru the chassis, so it would be a good idea if, at temperature, with two hots going to the motor, look for a shorted ground. If one of the hots isn't, then the sensor or 40 amp is bad. After those are ruled out, it's the motor.

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Q: Where is the radiator fan switch located neither fan is blowing and before you go to the vw dealer you would like to fix this problem myself you have checked all the fuses in the fuse box and all are?
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