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It's on the side of the Radiator, behind the grill on the passenger side.

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Change coolant for 2002 Grand Cherokee?


How do you change the coolant in a Jeep Cherokee 1989?

take the front grill off. the petcock is on the side of the radiator, passenger side.

How do you change engine coolant on a 1996 Lumina?

Drain coolant from radiator plug located either at bottom or rear of radiator Re-fill slowly to prevent an "airlock"

What is the purpose of a radiator petcock?

To drain the radiator when it is time to change the coolant.

Change radiator on 95 Jeep grand Laredo?

how to change radiator 1995 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo

Can you change plastic end caps on a radiator in a 92 Jeep Cherokee?

replace the radiator correct, the radiator is junk.

How do I change K1200GT coolant?

Begin by removing the bottom radiator hose. Allow the old coolant to drain out. Replace the hose to its original position. Fill the radiator with new coolant.

Where is the coolant drain plug located on GMC truck?

Coolant drain plug is on the bottom of the radiator. You turn the knob and watch out. You need a wide drain pan not an oil change pan.

How do you change coolant on a 1993 Nissan 240sx?

open the radiator cap, find the plug at the bottom right of the radiator and open it to drain old coolant

How do you change the coolant in a 2004 gmc envoy?

The only way to drain all the coolant is to unhook the bottom radiator hose. The radiator does NOT have a drain vale.

How to change K1200GT coolant?

Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator. Allow the coolant to completely drained out. Replace the drain plug to its original position. Fill the radiator with new coolant.

How do you change coolant on a 2002 ford explorer?

Get something for the coolant to go into like a bucket. Remove the lower radiator hose from the radiator and also remove the radiator cap to help and drain into bucket.

Where is the coolant and oxygen sensor on a 2000 Monte Carlo SS located and how do you change it?

the coolant sensor is in the radiator on the passanger side the oxygen sensor is in the exhaust system on the manifold and the pipes and sometimes both

How to do a coolant change on a Toyota Corolla?

To change coolant on a Toyota Corolla, place a bucket under the radiator. Open the radiator drain valve and remove the radiator cap. When all antifreeze drains out, close the drain valve. Then refill with fresh antifreeze and replace the radiator cap.

How do you change the coolant in an au Ford Falcon 2001 model?

To change the coolant in an AU Ford Falcon 2001 model, open the radiator drain plug and add warm tap water once all coolant stops coming out. Again drain the radiator and add the coolant.

How do you change coolant in a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad 4x4?

Drain the radiator

Why doesn't the heat work in my 1993 Pontiac grand am se?

Make sure the radiator is full of coolant; if it is, then change your engine's thermostat which is located at the lower end of the top radiator hose within the water outlet.

Do you have to remove the radiator support to change the radiator 1999 jeep grand Cherokee 6 cyl?

Yes, the upper radiator support will need removed.

How do you change the coolant in a 2002 3.8L Camaro?

Remove the drain plug from the bottom of your 2002 Chevy Camaro radiator. Allow the coolant to drain out into a container. When all the coolant is drained out replace the drain plug to its original position. Fill the radiator with new coolant.

How do you remove thermostat where is it located?

generally the thermostat is located in the housing where the top radiator hose connects to change thermostat,you dump coolant,remove radiator hose from this housing.then remove housing,remove thermostat, install new one(making sure it is facing right way up).then replace housing, replace hose.fill with coolant

2004 trailblazer How much coolant will come out of water pump if you do not drain it?

I assume you want to change out the water pump and would like to know if you can do it without draining the radiator. You will lose approximately all the coolant in the radiator reservoir when you remove the radiator hose from the water pump. If the coolant is in good, clean condition, it might be wise to drain the radiator into a container and re-use the coolant.

How do you change a radiator on a fiesta?

Drain the coolant from your Ford Fiesta radiator. Remove the radiator hoses. Remove the radiator stabilizing arm. Remove the radiator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new radiator.

How to change the hose from radiator to engine?

Drain off the radiator coolant into a clean drain pan. Loosen radiator hose clamps. Remove radiator hose. Install in reverse order.

How do you change radiator fluid in a 2002 rodeo sport?

remove the radiator cap, place a bucket under the radiator, open the drain valve located on the bottom/ inside of the radiator, and wait till it stops running out, then close the valve and refill with 50/50 mix coolant and water. check your manual however because you may have extended life coolant that does not need changing up to 100,000 miles.

Why does the needle on the coolant temperature gauge of a 1995 Saturn SL stay on the C?

The guage on the dash uses the ONE wire sensor... This is located in the block near the drivers side. Eric First check to see if you have coolant in the radiator. If there is no coolant you will not get any reading from the temperature sensor. If there is coolant then change the temperature sensor.