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Where is the reservoir for the power steering fluid in a 1991 Ford Escort wagon?


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2004-12-02 06:38:52
2004-12-02 06:38:52

It would be located over on the right (passenger) side of the car, and it will usually be a semi-white reservoir, with a black cap. The top of the cap should even say "power steering" on it. The only other reservoir that would be on that side of the car, would be the window washer fluid, and it would be a much larger reservoir, white, with a bluish tint because of the fluid color. It would be pretty hard to get these two confused.


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On a 1996 Ford Escort : The power steering fluid goes in the power steering fluid reservoir , at the front of the engine compartment , on the passenger side of the vehicle ( looking from the front of the vehicle it is the reservoir on the RIGHT) * With the 1.9 liter engine the reservoir on the left is the engine coolant reservoir and with the 1.8 liter engine the reservoir on the left is the windshield washer fluid reservoir , but with both engines the power steering fluid reservoir is the container to the RIGHT , looking from the FRONT of the vehicle

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The 1995 Escort did not have power steering.

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Unless the cap on the reservoir says use Power Steering Fluid only use Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid.

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The reservoir should be next to the wash fluid tank. This would be on the passenger side close to the firewall.

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