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Where is the sending unit for the fuel on a 2001 Chevy Silverado?


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The fuel sending unit which you either mean the fuel pump or the fuel gauge sending unit which sends a signal to the gauge......they are both in the fuel tank. Not what a guy likes to hear when they may be needing serviced? Let me add an addendum here.........if your fuel sending unti is giving you problems, go buy 2 containers of Chevron Techron at Walmart and add to the fuel tank. Sulher deposits build up on the sending unit. I own a Corvette and many of us owners have had to add the Techron to cure the fuel gauge problem. After that....go do a Google search for top tier fuels and try to buy from that list. These fuels have the additives liek Techron in it already. If you are having fuel pump problems the Techron may buy you some time but in all cases fuel pumps will fail......